Even after learning that the International Library of Poetry was a blatant scam, I submitted a second poem specifically for their website which can still be seen all these years later.
To save you some time, and since this is supposed to be a place to showcase my writing, I decided to include it here.  Of all the poems I’ve written, this is my favourite.  It cuts to the heart of my irrationalism and is the most naked piece I’ve ever written.  I don’t think I’ve been more honest in a poem than I am here.
I’m pretty sure Will The Demon Sleep? inspired me to do a bit better even though I don’t think it’s a bad poem at all.  That one was written fairly quickly with little revision.  I remember Fear was a bit trickier and the latter verses went through some changes.  As it stands, I wouldn’t change a word.  Like Will The Demon Sleep?, this dates from the late 1990s.
By Dennis Earl

Fear of living, fear of dying
Fear of grounding, fear of flying
Fear of the truth, fear of lying
Fear of selling, fear of buying

Fear of love, fear of hate
Fear of sex, fear of rape
Fear of agreement, fear of debate
Fear of freedom, fear of weight
Fear of the left, fear of the right
Fear of the dark, fear of the light
Fear of peace, fear of plight
Fear of denial, fear of sight
Fear of the mute, fear of the loud
Fear of the humble, fear of the proud
Fear of the lost, fear of the found
Fear of the silence, fear of the sound
Fear of the loss, fear of the gain
Fear of the pleasure, fear of the pain
Fear of the calm, fear of the strain
Fear of never writing again
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, February 19, 2006
11:48 p.m.
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