New Stuff (Part One)

On July 2nd, I wrote about the forthcoming changes that will be happening to my website during this blazingly hot summer season.  I’m happy to report a few changes have already taken place.
If you click on my profile, you’ll see that I’ve added some more information.  For instance, you’ll find some additional interests.  Also, I finally settled on the perfect description of my sense of humour.  Of all the people who’ve known me throughout the years, I seriously doubt that any of them would disagree with the one-word summation I’ve chosen.  As for my fashion sense, it’s quite appalling.  I’m still wearing clothes from my childhood.  It’s sad, really.  Shouldn’t they be too small for me?  Sadly, they’re not.  They still fit.  Since "appalling" was not among the choices for this profile category, I settled on "unique".  If you’re the kind of woman who digs a guy who, in the past, wore pocketless fishbone shorts (and whose sense of fashion has not improved much since) then you’re my kind of gal.  You’re also a saint.
I’m a big fan of lists and you may have noticed that there are now 11 of them on my website.  (More are coming so stay tuned.)  One of the earliest to be posted was My Favourite Musicians which is self-explanatory.  Before, there was just a list of acts on there.  Now, you can directly link from this site to other websites devoted to the artists on my list.  Most of the links are official band sites but in the instances where an official address doesn’t exist I’ve decided to add either a fan site, a VH1-related link or the band’s record company site, whatever I felt was appropriate in those cases.  If you want to learn more about my favourite melody makers, these links will get you started.
There have been many ways to search for my blog entries since I started The Writings Of Dennis Earl on February 19.  You can click on Blog and start reading my most recent posting at the top, work your way through 24 more pieces ’til you reach the bottom and then continue on for the next few pages.  Or, you can click on a category (like Movie Reviews or Website Announcements) and find properly organized writings that interest you.  Another method involves going through the monthly archives and having a looksy at what I’ve been writing each month since February 2006.
Well, now there’s another way to find my Blog entries.  After much contemplation, I have a blog list.  Entitled The Writings Of Dennis Earl, you’ll locate it right under the Categories and Archives boxes.  Everything that I’ve posted on my blog since I began this site nearly 6 months ago is on that list and in chronological order.  (The newest posting will always be the last entry in the list.)  When I reach 100 entries, I’ll add a second list and continue on from there.  So, if there’s a specific piece you want to read, just peruse the list until you find what you’re looking for, and click.  A new window will open up so you won’t lose your place on my site.   
Feel free to comment after reading an entry.  I love getting comments even though I’ve had only 1, so far.  Looking out for number 2!  Come on!  Who’s going to post it?   
I’ve also added some more Recommended Websites and will continue to update that list (and others) when I feel the need.
But that’s not all.  With MSN Spaces set to morph into Windows Live Spaces, the look of my site (along with everybody else’s) is going to change rather dramatically.  I’ve seen a preview on The Spacecraft Blog and I hope my site looks as good (if not better) than the example provided on that site.  With the name change also comes yet another address change.  This site has already had 2 https and it’s about to get a third.  No idea what the new address will be but I’m sure the mystery will be unravelled before the end of the summer.
Finally, as previously indicated in that July 2nd entry, I will be posting more writing examples from my past including stuff that appeared in The Hamilton Spectator.  I’m also hoping to write more new stuff than usual so I can get into the rhythm of writing more regularly.  There are so many things to write about and I feel left out when I don’t add my two cents.
As soon as I sort out some things behind the scenes, I will make another announcement which I hope will find a receptive audience.  It’s something I’ve resisted doing since the beginning of this website’s existence but as I get more comfortable with each passing day I feel that now is the time to make it happen.
What the hell am I talking about?  Stay tuned.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, July 13, 2006
9:08 p.m.
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