Worldwide Anger Rightly Directed At President Bush

Toronto Sun Editor Linda Williamson is downright baffled at all the hostility directed towards President Bush and the United States in the 5 years since 9/11.  In her column today, she wants to know “what happened to that generous Canadian spirit that was so evident five years ago?”  Then she answers her own question:  “It’s been hijacked by misdirected anger at the administration of U.S. President George Bush.”

Oh, really?  So, being lied to over and over again by a corrupt administration is no reason to be angry?  People “misdirected” their “anger” over the non-existent WMDs, did they?  How many times has someone in the American government claimed to know Iraq possessed that weaponry with full certainty?  Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld even gave a location on Meet The Press.  Funny how there was nothing there after a thorough search.  Or anywhere, for that matter.

Recently, a Senate Intelligence Committee report revealed, once and for all, there was no connection between 9/11 and Saddam Hussein, despite what members of the administration had said publicly for years.  President Bush slipped up during a famous press conference not too long ago when he said the invasion of Iraq had “nothing” to do with what happened 5 years ago.  But according to Williamson’s logic, when people get angry about this and rightly point fingers in the direction of the Bush Administration, it’s somehow “misdirected”.

Does she also think the anger about the federal government’s chronic bungling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster was “misdirected”?  Harry Truman was famous for saying, “The buck stops here.”  How come it didn’t stop with President Bush?  Or am I “misdirecting”my “anger” to the wrong person?  Maybe if he wasn’t on vacation for more than 40% of his Presidency, one could ask him that question directly.  Or is bringing that up “misdirected anger”, as well?

Williamson states in her piece, “Criticizing U.S. policies is one thing, but tolerating garbage like ‘Bush is a terrorist’ is quite another.”  For someone who supposedly values “freedom” and “democracy”, isn’t “tolerating garbage” one of the by-products of those ideals?  Curious how she didn’t bother to follow-up on her line of thinking by defending Bush.  I find that very interesting.  If the statement ‘Bush is a terrorist’ offends her so greatly and she believes it’s a false statement, why not provide evidence to back up that assertion?  Does letting it hang out there without a forceful response really help your argument?

The truth is America has let down its ideals and the world by advocating torture, arresting some 83,000 Muslims, most of whom are not guilty of anything, while keeping them in custody for endless amounts of time, (as Eric Margolis pointed out in the same newspaper today, referencing a new book called Being Muslim by Haroon Siddiqui, only 40 suspects have been convicted of terrorism while 100 more died in custody), smearing and libelling opponents of their policies, blowing the cover of a CIA agent, firing disagreeable personnel, corrupting its own media by allowing fascist, anti-Muslim and anti-progressive views to dominate the debate without regular scrunity or legitimate opposing viewpoints, buying off some journalists to spread their propaganda here and in Iraq, targeting journalists in the middle of a war zone, needlessly bombing countries without the care or consideration for unarmed civilians, particularly women and children, using the Patriot Act to go after the adult entertainment industry instead of the people who want to attack us, hiding behind religion and fear to advocate policies that a majority of Americans are against, illegally spying on Americans, curbing hard-fought civil liberties under the guise of “fighting terror”, allowing the corrupt and feckless FCC to control what goes on the public airwaves and needlessly increasing fines for “obscenity”, a concept no two people can agree on, and by recklessly spending the American taxpayers’ money to the point of increasing the deficit and debt to record numbers. 

Not only that, the President refused to order a 9/11 Commission until some brave Americans (including a number of the surviving families of the 9/11 victims) pushed for it.  Then, he took credit for it.  As Kristen Breitweiser, one of the unfairly maligned 9/11 widows pointed out recently on Larry King Live, with the exceptions of John McCain and Chris Smith, no Republican officials wanted to listen and learn and help gather all the information that would answer all the lingering questions about what went wrong.  She also mentioned the collective hostility the Republicans threw her way (along with the other widows and supporters) when the push for the commission was on. 

Having said all that (and there’s even more to grouse about that I didn’t mention), it’s no wonder so many world citizens are angry at the American government.  Too bad our “anger” is “misdirected”.  Right, Linda?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, September 10, 2006
8:15 p.m.
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