The Dini Petty Show (Single Episode Review)

In the spring of 1995, I was in my fourth semester of the TV Broadcasting program at Mohawk College.  Although there was a lot of time spent learning technical equipment we also did our fair share of writing.  I always looked forward to that. 
For a brief period of time we all got the opportunity to be TV critics.  One of the professors asked us to watch an episode of each of the following four programs:  Ghostwriter, Witness, SCTV and The Dini Petty Show.  I think the point of it all was to assess a kid’s show, a documentary series, a sketch comedy series and a talk show.  We were asked to assess the content and technical aspects of each program. 
What follows is my opinion of an episode of The Dini Petty Show which aired sometime in March 1995.  (I don’t remember the actual date now.)  As you’ll discover, I absolutely trash this program.  I do remember watching the show from time to time during its nearly 10-year run on CTV but now that it’s been off the air for several years I don’t exactly miss it.  This particular episode was easily one of the dullest hours of TV I’ve ever watched.
There’s a moment near the end where I say that the “studio audience is so quiet, I thought I was watching a funeral.”  The professor who marked my paper wrote, “RIGHT!” in red ink right beside that comment which felt good.  At the end of the last line which reads, “Skip it and you’ll thank me later,” he wrote, “O.K.!” again in red ink.  Needless to say, I got a perfect mark on that review.  2 out of 2. 
One last thing.  The movie that Julie Carmen was promoting during her appearance on the show was In The Mouth Of Madness, one of the best titles for a movie I’ve ever heard.  One day, I will actually sit down and watch it.
For years, daytime Television has been dominated by the ridiculous but watchable soap opera.  Not anymore.  Now, the American talk show is taking over the majority viewership by using the silly storylines of soaps and finding real people who can relate to them.
But not all talk shows are about sexual affairs, lesbian Nazi hookers from France and serial rapists.  Some programs actually have entertaining conversations with famous people and even hardworking yet unknown citizens.  However, that is not the case with THE DINI PETTY SHOW.  Hosted by Dini Petty (a former anchorwoman for CITY-TV’s CITYPULSE), this Canadian morning talk show is about as exciting as clipping your toenails.
A recent show was dedicated to beautiful women, most of them from the entertainment industry.  The guests included fashion model turned bad actress Carol Alt, unknown actress Julie Carmen (THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR) and singer/songwriter Sheree Jeacocke.  This particular show, in order to be entertaining, needs a strong interviewer and some fascinating guests.  Unfortunately, these guests offer very little intrigue to their answering of Dini Petty’s uncompelling questions.
The show always begins with “Hot Off The Top”, a segment for adults who need advice on various topics such as marriage and interpersonal communication.  During this installment, guest Lee Milter gives people advice on how to handle people who interrupt your private moments in public places and then, proceed to take over the conversation.  Her advice:  tell the person to leave.  This segment took about seven minutes to come to a two-second solution.
The bulk of the program involves three very dull interviews with three untalented guests.  During Carol Alt’s segment, we endure the details of her marriage to a New York Rangers hockey player, her memories of director Bob Fosse and two clips showcasing her terrible acting ability.  Sheree Jeacocke performs her lame melody “Miss My Love” and brags about her association with Quincy Jones.  Finally, Julie Carmen bores us with her acting career, depresses us with the now-extinguished Malibu fires and tells us about her new movie with a good actor, Sam Neill (JURASSIC PARK).
THE DINI PETTY SHOW is yet another disappointing Canadian program that takes itself far too seriously.  The program is only an hour in length but it feels much longer due to the slow-moving interviews on the show.  It needs to be much lighter and wackier rather than being slow and draining.
The technical aspects of the show are slightly better than its contents.  The lighting is very good and there are good camera shots used throughout the program but the directing is pitiful and that studio audience is so quiet, I thought I was watching a funeral.
Overall, this episode of THE DINI PETTY SHOW is an obtuse and uninteresting program that contains very little enjoyment for the viewing audience.  Skip it and you’ll thank me later.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, October 4, 2006
11:23 p.m.
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  1. Would you know the exact Dini Petty show witch aired a short video of a authentic Bigfoot filmed by a man, a guess on the show,doing God knows what kind of work he was doing there in the wilderness, but his Bigfoot footing was as good if not better as the other amazing footage known now by all of us ( Paterson’s film ). On that footage we can clearly see a Bigfoot going toward the camera man and trying to touch the camera! That was the best video i ever saw on tv, and it was presented by Dini Petty’s guess. Thankyou

    • Sorry, dude. Couldn’t find anything through Google, The Internet Movie Database, Wikipedia nor YouTube. There’s not a lot of online information about The Dini Petty Show, unfortunately. However, if you click here you’ll find a whole bunch of Big Foot Video links. Hopefully, one of them is the one you’re looking for. Good luck.

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