Reverend Ted Is In Denial

This is a very sad story.  Another prominent evangelical leader has been exposed as a despicable hypocrite and that’s not even the worst part.
Reverend Ted Haggard used to be the president of the National Evangelical Association, an organization that has 30 million members.  He also founded the New Life Church in Colorado a couple of decades ago.  14,000 people make up that church’s congregation.  He has been a vocal opponent of both homosexuality and gay marriage.  Like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, he mixes his religious beliefs with his political beliefs and had been using his position of power to make life hell for gay people.
Today, his life is in tatters and it’s all his fault.  Married with 5 kids, he was outed by a gay prostitute who said they had sex over a 3-year period and even did drugs together.  (He says he did it because of the Reverend’s views on gay marriage.) On TV, Mike Jones, Haggard’s secretly paid lover, played taped voice messages the Reverend left and there’s no mistaking the voice on the tape, even though the Reverend used his middle name, Art.
Reverend Ted first denied the allegations.  Then, he claimed he bought the drugs but never used them and only received massages from Jones.  There was no sex, he insisted.  I laughed at his absolutely bogus defense.  Who buys drugs they never use and who wants massages from a prostitute, gay or otherwise, when they can just go to a masseuse?  Now, according to a recent letter he wrote, “the accusations made against me are not all true but enough of them are…” 
An internal church investigation has revealed that he indeed had gay sex or as they put it, “committed sexually immoral conduct,”.  Haggard has lost all his important jobs and his credibility in the evangelical movement.  Republicans and other prominent right-wing moralists are quickly distancing themselves from him.  He’s finding out who his real friends are.
Reverend Ted Haggard is a homosexual in denial.  He knew he was gay for a long, long time and always tried to pretend he was someone else, hence his extreme views on the subject.  He has never accepted it, still doesn’t.  He remains ashamed about it.  In his letter, he writes, “There’s a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it for all of my adult life.”  Does that mean it wasn’t a problem when he was a teenager?  If ever there was a candidate for therapy…
I hope reporters do a little digging into this guy’s past.  I want to know who put it in his head that being gay is “repulsive and dark”.  He must’ve had one rotten childhood.  Bill Maher is right.  The uptight religious nuts are the biggest freaks. 
I am deeply offended that Haggard married a trusting, heterosexual woman and created 5 children with her only to embarrass them and himself with his rather risky behaviour.  (I would hope condoms were used during all his secret encounters.)  His desire to be with Mike Jones must’ve been so strong he never considered the consequences of losing everything for this affair.  And believe me, unless he finally wakes up to reality, he’s going to lose his family, too.
I wonder if this is the first time this has happened.  I’m betting he’s cheated before but that this is the first time the public has known about it.  The man is 50 years old and can’t remain married if deep down he would rather be with men.  The longer he stays married, the more unbearable it’s going to be for him and his wife and kids.
I feel terrible for his family, especially his wife, who must feel so enraged about what has happened.  Either she knew and lived in denial about it or this has been a tremendous shock.  I really feel for her and the kids who must be completely confused about what their father stands for now.
Ted Haggard needs to look at himself in the mirror and realize that being an active homosexual isn’t immoral.  It’s natural.  What was immoral was misleading his wife into thinking he was a heterosexual guy who was completely devoted to her.  That carefully built illusion has been shattered.  It will never be restored as much as Haggard wishes it to be.  That kind of betrayal is not easily forgiven or forgotten.
In time, I hope he comes to grips with his sexuality and realizes that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop being gay.  No matter how often Michael Coren and all the other clueless wackos who pretend to be caring Christians rant about “the gay agenda” and how awful gay marriage is, it won’t change his sexuality.  He needs to stay as far away from evangelicals as he can (except for the ones who accept who he really is) so he can sort out his life.  I also hope that he will divorce his wife in a swift, amicable manner and maintain good relations with her and his kids.  It’s very important his family supports him through this terrible ordeal.
Ted Haggard must not deny his sexuality again.  His biology is never going to change.  The sooner he accepts that and embraces it fully, the happier he will be.  I wish him and his family well.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, November 6, 2006
12:12 a.m.
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