Hecklers Only Deserve A Refund And A REAL Apology

It’s the story that won’t go away.  The two hecklers who were accosted by comedian Michael Richards during his now infamous gig at The Laugh Factory this past Friday want compensation.  They appeared on NBC’s Today Show this morning as well as CNN’s Situation Room earlier this evening.
Kyle Doss and Frank McBride are now being represented by the very annoying Gloria Allred who somehow thinks these guys deserve some kind of reward for putting up with Richards’ tirade.
The truth of the matter is they deserve only two things:  a sincere apology and a refund.  That’s it.  To put this before a judge, retired or otherwise, is nonsense.  And greedy.
If this horrible case does, in fact, reach a courtroom, it will be a considerable waste of everyone’s time.  And last time I checked, Kyle and Frank can’t claim the moral high ground here.
If you listen very closely to the audio of the infamous rant – thankfully captioned by the good people at tmz.com – you’ll hear one of the two men call Richards “a cracker-ass”. 
I know.  Every epithet that’s ever been created for white people is lame.  Robin Quivers said it best in her autobiography when she noted the difficulty in encapsulating hatred for whites in a singular, shocking word.  “Honky” is too silly.  “Cracker” was the name of a band as well as Kid Rock’s rapper pal.  They’re just not insulting enough.
That being said, calling someone “a cracker-ass” is still an attempt to fight racism with more racism which is not good.  It’s also not likely to win over a crusty judge who will probably be wondering why he/she has to deal with all these losers wasting his/her time with all this bullshit.
I greatly sympathize with what these two young men had to deal with at a comedy show of all places.  No one should have to put up with the filth that was flung in their direction.  But instead of simply asking for an apology and/or a refund, they’ve kept this horrible nightmare going by demanding money they don’t deserve.  They’re old enough to know better.  So is Gloria Allred.  And I wonder what she gets out of all of this.  Does she really want to give reasonable people more ammunition to hate her?  Maybe she wants to be even more loathed than the irresponsible Nancy Grace who never apologizes for getting things wrong. 
As for Richards, this guy has got some serious explaining to do.  As expected, his Letterman apology was not considered sincere by the public.  A poll on CNN.com, as of this writing, has 67% believing the apology was phony.  (Only 33% felt the opposite.)
He now, apparently, is on Mel Gibson’s Apology Tour.  According to tmz.com, he’s been putting in calls to black civil rights leaders.  This guy has become a repugnant joke if he believes a series of bogus mea culpas are going to “revive” his “career”.  Last time I checked he didn’t have one.  And he certainly won’t have one now.  One wonders how long it will be before he loses his Cat Tale voiceover gig.
If Kyle and Frank want to know how the public feels about their greedy proposition, they might want to check the comments section on tmz.com.  Right now, they’re about as popular as Michael Richards. 
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
11:15 p.m.
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