What Bugged Me In 2006

Sometimes, I feel older than I really am.  I’m less tolerant than I used to be, less energetic, and not nearly as hardworking as I was during my schooling days.  I’m very susceptible to dramatic changes in weather.  If the temperature goes up or down significantly, I get monstrous headaches.  They’re not as bad as they used to be but I still get them and it makes me very irritable.  I feel less confident now, I worry more and every day, some part of my body aches (and not in a good way).
I’m also noticing that I’m developing more and more pet peeves.  2006 has been a banner year for that so far.  Without further ado, here is a list of things that stuck in my craw this year.  
1. Paris Hilton.
2. Mel Gibson’s phony apologies.
3. Michael Richards’ anti-heckling technique.
4. The Republican Party’s corruption and hypocrisy.
5. The Democratic Party’s lack of courage on so many issues.
6. Donald Rumsfeld.
7. Michael Coren.
8. Rachel Marsden’s continued employment at Sun Media.
9. People who badmouthed Madonna for wanting to adopt a child.
10. The “God Hates Fags” People.
11. The Iraq War.
12. The Afghanistan War.
13. Vladimir Putin kissing that little boy’s stomach.
14. Warren Kinsella calling movies “kind of stupid”.
15. Famous Scientologists.
16. People who continue to pile on The Dixie Chicks when they did nothing wrong.
17. Britney Spears’ lack of common sense.
18. Kevin Federline.
19. Any famous person who got arrested for drunk driving.
20. American Idol.
21. Paula Abdul.
22. Ryan Seacrest.
23. President George W. Bush’s smirk.
24. Vice President Dick Cheney.
25. Lorrie Goldstein.
26. Don Imus.
27. Clay Aiken’s inappropriate behaviour during Live With Regis & Kelly.
28. Courtney Love’s face.
29. Mary Cheney’s phony outrage over Democrats bringing up her sexuality.
30. The FCC.
31. The CRTC.
32. The 109th Congress.
33. Sun Media.
34. The Toronto Sun Editorial Board.
35. The Parent’s Television Council corrupting the complaints process in America.
36. Anybody who thinks a delay being used during live broadcasting is a good idea.
37. All those entertainment “news” shows.
38. CNN.
39. Fox News.
40. Bill O’Reilly’s whining and paranoia.
41. Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mom, not behaving like a responsible parent.
42. David Letterman going soft on Oprah.
43. Eva Longoria the snob.
44. Kanye West’s arrogance.
45. U2 ripping off their fans with U218.
46. Ann Coulter.
47. The continually inept North American media.
48. Celebrities who complain about a lack of privacy but are always, strangely around photographers.
49. Celebrities who lie about not wanting to be rich and famous.
50. Lindsay Lohan wasting everyone’s time with her nonsense.
51. People who rip off Howard Stern and get away with it.
52. Rush Limbaugh making fun of Michael J. Fox.
53. That political attack ad that helped defeat Senatorial candidate, Harold Ford Jr.
54. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s inaction on the environment, Caledonia, tax cuts, and compensating Agent Orange victims.
55. Deal Or No Deal.
56. Steve Simmons unfairly accusing Wayne Gretzky of hiding something during the gambling scandal.
57. Only being able to screen 49 movies this year, none of which were released in 2006.
58. Tom Friedman remaining respected despite never reading the NAFTA bill and being completely wrong on Iraq.
59. Tom Friedman’s useless and phony “six months” philosophy on Iraq.
60. Not being able to get a single job interview this year despite applying for work at several companies and businesses.
61. Larry King’s tendency to repeat the same questions over and over again in interview after interview.
62. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro not dying.
63. My remote control dying.
64. My 13-year-old CD player continuing to skip and drop out while I play CDs.
65. Damaged DVDs freezing on my computer.
66. Rev. Ted Haggard.
67. Taylor Hicks winning American Idol.
68. The Carolina Hurricanes beating The Edmonton Oilers for The Stanley Cup.
69. Chris Pronger bailing on The Oilers while still under contract.
70. Athletes who continue to get in trouble with the law.
71. Female celebrities who don’t wear make-up in public.
72. The Strokes not getting any Grammy nominations.
73. Sun Media’s silence on all its disappearing employees.
74. Sun TV.
75. Overpriced CDs and DVDs.
76. Blockbuster raising the price of its new release rentals from $4.99 to $5.19.
77. James Dobson.
78. Jerry Falwell.
79. Peter Worthington.
80. Star Jones.
81. Joe Lieberman retaining his Senate seat despite losing the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont.
82. Right-wing broadcasters who smear anyone who disagrees with them.
83. The lack of action on restoring New Orleans.
84. England getting eliminated from The World Cup.
85. Steve Nash’s continuing failure to win an NBA Championship.
86. Tiger Woods.
87. People who accuse Media Matters For America for getting their facts wrong without proof.
88. Gary Bettman.
89. Mo’nique.
90. Any time Queen Latifah talks.
91. Tucker Carlson.
92. Mario Lopez.
93. Robert Novak, the teflon columnist.
94. Rev. Jesse Jackson’s exploitation of the Michael Richards debacle.
95. Clay Aiken’s refusal to come out of the closet.
96. Bush wasn’t impeached.
97. America keeps jailing its journalists.
98. Adrienne Shelley’s murder.
99. Flavor Flav.
100. Women who throw themselves at Flavor Flav.
101. Michael Moore didn’t release a movie this year.
102. The Republican Party’s refusal to public support gay people.
103. Andrew Dice Clay returned to The Howard Stern Show.
104. Artie Lange refused to go to therapy.
105. Kim Jong-Il continues to starve his people.
106. No one’s stopped the humanitarian crisis in Sudan.
107. John McCain continues to get a free ride from the press.
108. The greed of Michael Richards’ hecklers.
109. Gloria Allred.
110. The Sex Pistols refused to go to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony.
111. The Sex Pistols refused to say thank you for being inducted into the Hall.
112. John Kerry’s hypocritical jab at President Bush.
113. The media’s false belief that Kerry was attacking the troops.
114. Not one interviewer has been tough enough on Mel Gibson.
115. Jay Leno the interviewer and comedy thief.
116. Studios that issue more than one version of their films on DVD.
117. Kanoodle.
118. Pundits who continue to defend President Bush.
119. Bad movies.
120. Foolhardy boycotts of words and entertainment.
121. Dalton McGuinty’s broken promises.
122. Christopher Hitchens.
123. Politicians who voted themselves raises.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
12:54 a.m.
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