Assessing My 2007 Rock Hall Predictions

The votes have been cast and counted.  5 more acts are headed to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year, but I have mixed feelings about the official selections. 
On November 1st, when the list of 9 nominees were announced, I went through all the performers to determine who deserved to be inducted and then made my predictions.  I felt that The Dave Clark Five faced “stiff competition this year.  I think the more familiar American acts will earn more votes and as a result, The Dave Clark Five will not be accepted.”  I was right.
Regarding Chic, I noted the following:  “Their chances for acceptance all depends on how many die-hard Chic supporters there are among the thousand or so voters deciding their fate.  They weren’t there for them a few years ago and I doubt they’ll be there this year.  Their time will come, I’m sure, but not this time.”  2 for 2.
There were two, pioneering hip hop acts on the short list of potential nominees.  I predicted that, of the two “up for the induction honour, I would think Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five are the strongest bet.”  Indeed, they have received enough votes to enter the hall.
“Unlike U2, who are back to making important records worthy of their earlier triumphs, R.E.M. seems stuck in a creative and commercial rut,” I wrote in that November piece.  “Maybe an official invite to The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame would stir up their passions again.  I think it will happen and there’s no question they deserve it.”  4 for 4.
“They are the cockroaches of Rock, surviving every apocalyptic musical trend over the past 30 years…I can’t imagine them being passed over again.  Besides, David Lee Roth could use some cheering up.  And everybody wants to see Eddie play again.  They will make it and they deserve it.”  Unsurprisingly, Van Halen will be joining Grandmaster Flash and R.E.M. when they all become official members of The Hall Of Fame this coming March.
Unfortunately, I’d like to forget the rest of my predictions considering how wrong they turned out to be.
Let’s start with The Ronettes who I can’t believe will be inducted in 2 months.  After I posted my November entry, I started to have second thoughts about them.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized there was a chance they could make it this time around.  After much hemming and hawing, a filthy habit if ever there was one, I decided to firmly (and stubbornly) stick with my original thoughts.  Big mistake.  The Ronettes are in and I’m not happy about it.  (More on my unhappiness in a moment.)
Much to my surprise, Patti Smith is being inducted this year.  Despite being refused entry a couple of times previously (for both her solo and “Group” work), she got the necessary votes for acceptance this time.  There’s no question she’s been an enormous influence on women in music for decades.  Just look at Courtney Love, Nina Hagen, Veruca Salt, Alanis Morissette, Kate Bush, Tori Amos and countless others for the evidence.  But I would’ve preferred a different performer taking her place. 
I should’ve known I was pushing it when I suggested that Joe Tex was going to get recognized for all his underappreciated pioneering career moves.  And indeed, the long deceased musician just didn’t get the votes required for induction.
That leaves The Stooges.  Poor Iggy Pop.  Who does he have to blow to get into The Hall Of Fame?  I mean, really.  I genuinely thought this was his year.  The Stooges have reunited.  (Their new album, the first since 1973’s Raw Power, is out in March.)  His influence on music is far more significant than Patti Smith’s contributions.  And he has one of the greatest song catalogues in music history.  I have heard the vast majority of his recorded output and it continues to sicken me that he can’t convince enough voters to enshrine him in the hallowed hall.  It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t had that many hits.  It doesn’t matter that he’s only had one decent selling album.  It doesn’t matter that he almost never wins awards of any kind.  He is one of the greatest frontmen in rock and he continues to be snubbed. 
So, all in all, I correctly predicted 3 of the 5 nominees for this year’s induction ceremonies.  Not great, but not bad either.  R.E.M., Van Halen, The Ronettes, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and Patti Smith will be officially inducted on March 12. 
The Stooges should be joining them.  Then again, there’s always next year.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, January 8, 2007
10:01 p.m.
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