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On February 19, this website will be celebrating its first anniversary.  From the very beginning, it’s been great fun writing for an Internet audience and I hope that doesn’t change any time soon.
I’m happy to report that I’ve had over 4000 hits thus far.  Not bad for an unknown writer.  I never expected to have a blockbuster right out of the gates.  I always felt that it would be best to slowly build momentum in order to gradually attract more and more readers.  Thanks to fellow bloggers like John Cosway and Fading To Black, that strategy is starting to slowly pay off.  I’m attracting more and more readers through links to my writing posted on their terrific sites.
A lot of that has to do with the increasing interest shown in the ongoing troubles at Sun Media.  A quick perusal of my Statistics reveals that whenever I write about that beleaguered company, traffic to the site increases.  Long after I post detailed entries about layoffs and labour disputes, those particular pieces continue to be accessed and read.  Now if only the company would come clean and inform its readers exactly why things have deteriorated so badly.  In the meantime, The Writings Of Dennis Earl, Toronto Sun Family, and Fading To Black (along with The Sun’s competitors) will continue to watch what happens and offer relevant information that Sun Media is unwilling to share with its own readers.
I mentioned in an earlier piece how this site has managed to pop up in a number of web searches.  That’s also contributed to the bump in website traffic.  I hope that continues and that new visitors to the site will find unlimited reasons to stay.
The site has also helped me get back in touch with a couple of old friends who I hadn’t seen or heard from in over a decade.  Through Google searches, they found the site and it’s been nice emailing them back and forth.  I hope more of my long lost pals find me this way.  I also hope to attract really hot blogging groupies.  Any takers?
Every once in a while, I like to preview what’s to come on this website.  It’s not always a wise decision because things happen and you’re not always able to do what you set out to do.  But for the most part, I’ve been able to live up to my promises. 
Last year, I mentioned that I was going to post another old Hamilton Spectator article on here.  It’s a Valentine’s Day piece and you should see it in this space sometime before February 14. 
Speaking of The Spec, thanks to a tip (and strong encouragement) from a blogging pal, I’m going to try freelancing with them this year, something I haven’t attempted in 4 years.  (I get bummed out way too easily.)  That will be a little tricky because I still want to blog full-time.  I will try to avoid posting anything on here they might be interested in securing for their newspaper.  I’m sure I will figure it all out as the year progresses.
Also on the way are some more old, previously unseen movie reviews.  Back in the summer of 1992, I started to write a book of movie reviews I called The Movie Critic: Book One.  By the time I stopped working on it sometime in the spring of 1993, I had over 150 reviews.  Surely, there’s something there worth going over and posting on here.  I hope to share some of these pieces throughout the year.
I haven’t ruled out writing about my internship with The Royal Canadian Air Farce.  I was really hoping to have that ready last year but I still don’t know how to work that all out.  The show is still going strong after all these years and I have some fond, lingering memories of my experiences there.  Whenever I figure out how to write that piece, you will see it here as soon as it’s ready.  But at this point, I’m not sure if that will happen this year.
It’s been over 2 months since I last screened a movie (Friday The 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives was just horrendous), but once I get back into regular screenings I hope to write the occasional review and share it with you.  I didn’t see many movies last year (none from the year 2006, unfortunately) but it was nice to write some strong critiques specifically for this website immediately after a number of viewings.  I still stubbornly cling to the idea of someday being paid to write about the movies in some way.  This website keeps that foolish wish alive.
There will be another round of Oscar Predictions.  I won’t predict the nominations, just the winners, like I did last year.  Anything else in the news I think is worth blogging about is also on the agenda.
I want to get back into book reading.  I’ve been focusing a lot lately on my out of control magazine collection so I just haven’t given myself enough time to settle down and delve deep into longform writing.  I realize now that I hung onto all these damn things because I was too lazy to read them right away.  I am paying for that mistake right now.  But, as was the case last year, sometimes, you feel inspired to write about what you learn in these old entertainment publications.  (I got 3 pieces out of my Inside Hollywood collection.)
I’d love to write more about one-hit wonders and other aspects of entertainment history.  It all depends how things go with The Spec. 
There are other ideas kicking around in my cranium but I will remain silent about those for now.  In the meantime, I thank all of you for visiting The Writings Of Dennis Earl.  I’m very proud of my site and will continue to add interesting content to keep you coming back for more.  Spread the word about the quality of the writing here.  You won’t be disappointed.
Also, please check out my Amazon book list and buy the titles that interest you the most.  Your purchases help support this website.  I will continue to add titles whenever I feel the need.  Once I get back into reading books, like I used to, I hope to add even more entries.
That’s all for now.  Keep looking for new content.  I’m constantly updating.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
9:16 p.m.
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