Bill Brioux Update

He’s out of the running.  Canadian Press TV writer Bill Brioux (formerly the TV Critic of The Toronto Sun) has been eliminated from the upcoming Fox/CTV series, On The Lot. 
Last month, this website reported that Bill had entered the competition by submitting his 1980 silent comedy short, Puck Soup.  At the time, his film had only received 130 hits.  Today, as of this writing, the overall total stands at 549.
Reviews were overwhelmingly positive.  “What a delight!”  “I thought it was very funny.”  “What a sweet, funny and charming film.”
Unfortunately, those posted comments from On The Lot Community members and all those viewings weren’t enough for him to move on to the second round.  Only the hopes and dreams of 27 Canadian entrants have been kept alive.
According to an article about the show on CTV’s official website two “Casting Calls” were planned this month for those lucky Canadian filmmakers.  “The Toronto auditions,” Bill informed me in an email “took place last Thursday with a rep from Mark Burnett’s office [talent producer Holly Gardner] interviewing” 17 “semi-finalists”.  (The other “Casting Call”, specifically organized for the 10 surviving Western Canadian contestants and originally scheduled to have taken place in Seattle, actually happened in Vancouver.  To read more about the lucky 27, click here.)
As of now, you can still see Bill’s film by clicking here and you can still leave feedback after you sign up for free to join the On The Lot Community.  It is uncertain how long Puck Soup will remain available for viewings on the official On The Lot website, so, catch it while you still can.
Speaking of On The Lot, the show’s official premiere has been pushed back a week.  Originally, CTV promoted Wednesday, May 16th as the start date.  But today, if you visit the On The Lot site, it’s been changed to Tuesday, May 22nd.  No reason has been given for the change.  This hasn’t been the first delay, either.
Very soon, we should know the identities of the 16 finalists who will battle it out during production of the show.  It is uncertain how many Canadians will make the cut.  In a rare move for a Mark Burnett production, On The Lot plans to be a truly global competition.  Furthermore, once the show starts airing, it will be seen in 40 countries.
Meanwhile, Bill Brioux is keeping busy with his Canadian Press “Brioux On The Box” gig.  Recent columns include the limited shelf life of season-long, “cliffhanger-a-week” storylines, the needless delays for in-demand American shows airing on Canadian networks and a piece that has just surfaced this week which is about the new Andy Richter comedy series, Andy Barker, P.I.  (The show, which debuted last night, airs Thursdays at 9:30 p.m., right after Scrubs, on NBC.)
If that’s not enough Bill Brioux material to tide you over, there’s even more writings on a new site called The Canadian Paper.  Bill told me “it’s a little venture a friend has started” and he’s planning to “throw them a story a week or so until I get my own site up and running.” 
It’s great to see Bill keeping busy after being so callously tossed aside by The Toronto Sun.  Their loss.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, March 16, 2007
6:27 p.m.
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