20 Questions For Readers To Ask The Toronto Sun

Grant Robertson of The Globe And Mail wrote a very revealing story today.  (Read it for free while you still can here.) 
In the piece, he notes a visit “a few weeks ago” by Quebecor bigwig, Pierre Karl Peladeau, to The Toronto Sun building.  While in the newsroom, Robertson reported, the remaining staff members asked him “several questions” about “the future of the paper”.  (For more blog coverage on this, check out Toronto Sun Family’s original posting about the visit as well as this Fading To Black link.  Special thanks to these sites for originally drawing attention to the article.)
This website has been publicly following what’s been happening with Sun Media since late 2006 when the company was singled out as one of The Losers Of The Year.  The alarmingly large number of missing employees; the needless, highly demoralizing layoffs of popular columnists; the continually disappointing rise in unaccountability; the sudden change in editorial policy and the byline strike have all been covered here over the last, several months.
It is long overdue for Sun readers to demand honest answers of their newspaper.  Here are some specific questions for them to ask:
1. As John Cosway noted on The Toronto Sun Family Blog today, Peladeau’s Sun visit didn’t receive any coverage in the Toronto tabloid.  Why doesn’t the paper cover important stories about itself anymore?
2. Why aren’t Sun columnists writing anything about employee morale?
3. Why does the paper continue to employ Rachel Marsden and other writers with questionable ethics?
4. Once and for all, is The Toronto Sun about to be merged with 24 Hours, the highly successful free transit paper? 
5. If the merge is happening, when will it happen?
6. Why was Alison Downie relieved of her duties as the paper’s Readership Editor?
7. Why hasn’t she been replaced?
8. Will The King Street location be shut down?
9. Will the employees be moved to some other location, if that happens?
10. Are employee emails being monitored by Quebecor?
11. Why have Republicans, for the most part, been given a free ride by the Editorial Board?
12. How many more layoffs will there be?
13. How many more retirements are on the way?
14. Is The Toronto Sun Family Blog right about cuts coming to the pressroom?
15. Will the paper ever explain why so many of its staff members have simply vanished?
16. Why did Quebecor scrap The Jamie Westcott Memorial Award for excellence in covering the crime beat when it can still afford to have it?
17. Why isn’t Dr. David Suzuki published in the newsprint version?
18. When the union negotiates with the company to sign a new contract in the near future will it improve the quality of the newspaper?
19. How profitable does the paper have to be in order to prevent any more job cutbacks?
20. Why all the hostility towards those who agree with the overwhelming scientific evidence of global warming and climate change?
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
5:50 p.m.
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