Val Gibson’s Firing A Bloody Disgrace, All Quiet On The Sun TV Front

The Toronto Sun Family Blog is reporting more untimely exits from the long suffering tabloid.  The fifth paragraph of the article, in particular, caught the attention of this website:
Valerie Gibson, a colourful and controversial Lifestyle writer and author, introduced Sun readers to the ‘cougar’ way of life for older women dating younger men. Valerie, a major contributor and reader favourite since 1983, was told today her Sun contract will not be renewed. Valerie’s Sunday Sun column was axed recently, leaving her with S&M, the Sex and Money feature with Linda Leatherdale, and a Friday advice column.”
And now, she’ll have nothing.  What a bloody disgrace.  An important question has to be asked:  what did the lovely British lass do to deserve such awful treatment?  Answer:  absolutely nothing.
She was one of my favourite Sun writers for years.  A champion of men, fiercely independent, funny, intelligent and deeply devoted to animals and her only daughter.  The stylish, red-headed divorcee with those killer gams paved the way for women like Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz to consider younger men suitable for sexual trysts and even, serious relationships.  That is a good thing.  She bore the abuse for years so that others would not in the future.  She is a true pioneer in this regard.
She tirelessly raised awareness of a draconian Canadian law that once forbid handicapped people from immigrating to this great country.  (Val’s daughter is “mentally challenged”, to use her phrase.)  It has since been struck down since it was successfully challenged by a rich businessman in a similiar situation.  (Because her own daughter was very much settled in her native Britain, Val decided not to bring her over.)
There was the sad story of her kidnapped cat.  (Val has quite a few of them at her place.)  Despite many pleas in her columns and even tips and support from devoted readers, Patience remains missing.  (Someone scooped the kitty right off Val’s property.  Can you believe the nerve?)
She once relayed an uncomfortable experience appearing on Ed’s Night Party, Ed being Ed The Sock, the puppet that frequently appears to be channelling Howard Stern in a harsh grunt of a voice but without the charm, originality or comedic consistency.  Speaking of Stern, Val once named him one of her Top 10 Valentines in 1997.  (She would make a great guest now that the program is uncensored on Sirius Satellite Radio.)
She talked about her 5 failed marriages, her ongoing troubles finding her way in the modern age of dating, and she was good-natured and open-minded enough to discuss such varied subjects as dogging (a British term for sex in parked cars), vibrators, swinging (aka The Lifestyle), post-date etiquette (example: she likes it when a man calls her after an outing has ended) and many, many others.
She devoted 24 years of her life to talking about sex, writing about sex, giving mostly sound relationship advice to anonymous readers who requested it, lusting over numerous men and enlightening anyone who would listen on how to live a fulfilling life, all through her appearances on Television and in The Toronto Sun.  I’ve learned a lot about women, sexuality and relationships thanks to her strong writing over the years.  I emailed her several times offering opinions of my own.  (I still have a reply she sent me.  She is one of the nicest ladies working in media today.  And also, one of the smartest.)
There is absolutely no good reason why this great lady is out of a job today.  None whatsoever.  (And that goes for all the other names mentioned in that Toronto Sun Family piece.)
She exhibits class, oozes charm, and glistens sexuality.  May she find another job writing about sex right away.
Meanwhile, it’s all quiet on the Sun TV front.  As I’ve noted in this space on a number of occasions, the Canadian Media Guild has been trying in vain to work out a deal with Quebecor for over a year.  According to the union, the company has been stonewalling.  Left with no better options, the union formally requested a federal mediator be activated in order to get both sides to the table and reach a deal.
Federal Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn appointed two.  According to the last official CMG Sun TV update, which was posted online almost two weeks ago, the mediators’ appointments were to end March 27th.  A series of marathon bargaining sessions was scheduled to take place on the 26th and 27th.  Curiously, there is no update on what has happened, if anything happened at all.  The deadline has just passed and there’s been no word as to whether or not Quebecor and the CMG have reached any kind of consensus.  There has been no word about whether more time will be granted in order to carry on this unbelievably excruciating process.
One thing is for sure.  The silence is troubling.  Also, Toronto Sun Family reported that Canoe Live, the suppertime, experimental newscast, will lose 30 minutes of its original hour long running time starting Monday. 
Is Quebecor planning to lock out its employees?  Will there ever be a resolution to this ongoing mess?
Stay tuned.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
12:52 a.m.
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