Recent Changes And A New Assignment

What a difference two months make.  Back in February, I noted in this space how the overall hit count for The Writings Of Dennis Earl was close to 6000.  Today, it’s over 8600 altogether.  If things continue to progress at this rate the site should reach the 10000 plateau before the end of the Spring season.   Slowly but surely, this website is gathering more readers and I couldn’t be happier about that.  From the beginning, the plan was to start from nothing and gradually build a readership, rather than try to be a huge hit out of the gate.  This "work in progress" philosophy has served me well.
Also, returning visitors may have spotted some noticeable changes in a number of the 220 pieces currently showcased here.  In the past, when I’ve wanted to link to a particular item, whether it’s one of my entries or something worth checking out on another website, I’ve simply provided the actual address.  As anyone who pays attention to URLs can tell you, these can be extraordinarily long and unwieldy.  They can also distract readers from properly digesting the material.  They can ruin the look of paragraphs in an instant.
The only reason this was done was because I had no idea how to embed links within the text.  I just couldn’t be bothered to figure it out.  It took a fellow blogger, who addressed this matter to me in an email, to finally convince me to learn how to do this properly.  It turns out that hiding links in specific words or phrases in an article is surprisingly easy.  I should’ve done it this way from the start.
Once I got the hang of embedding, I went through every piece making most of the necessary corrections.  (A few articles still need to be fixed.  I hope to have that done soon, if this website will cooperate.  Windows Live technology can be frustrating and time consuming.  Don’t ask.)  So, from now on, instead of seeing something like this –  "To see the entire article, click this link –" – you’ll see this:  "To see the entire article, click here."  Or you’ll notice a particular word, title or phrase highlighted in orange which will take you to that specific link.  My thanks to Fading To Black for mentioning this to me.
Speaking of FTB, I’ve been graciously asked to post items on that website.  I’ve wholeheartedly accepted the invitation and commenced writing for that blog yesterday.  (Check out this, this, this and this.)  I’ll be following FTB’s formula rather closely as more items get posted in the days to come.  The Fading To Black site’s agenda is to cover the startling decline of the North American newspaper business.  God knows there’s no shortage of material on that front.  Hopefully, we’ll both figure out a way to break more news on there rather than just simply pointing out other journalists’ hard work, although it’s important to highlight that stuff, as well.  It’s an entertaining challenge to write for someone else’s website but I’m up for it.  We’ll shall see how things go.  So far, so good.  My personal thanks to FTB for giving me the opportunity to write for him.
That being said, I hope to keep covering developments in the ongoing Sun TV/Sun Media sagas on my site.   These pieces, particularly Bill Brioux Responds, remain the most accessed material on here.  They’ve definitely been a major factor in boosting my overall hit count.  However, The Toronto Sun Family Blog remains the best source of inside information regarding the horrible situation facing the Sun Media corporation.  Blogger John Cosway has been on a roll lately.  Thanks to being singled out last month in Antonia Zerbisias’ Toronto Star column, The TSF site has been getting more useful tips and entertaining feedback than ever before.  It’s an essential place to visit everyday.
One last thing.  I’m still unable to convince my readers to buy a good book from my Amazon list.  The item links are being clicked on like crazy but nothing is being ordered.  I hope this isn’t because there’s a problem with ordering.  If you’ve tried to order a book from my list but have been unable to do so because of unforseen technical problems or some other difficulty, please email me at  I want to know that everything is working properly.
That’s it for now.  As always, thanks for visiting The Writings Of Dennis Earl.  More postings are on the way.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
6:11 p.m.
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