Explaining The New Look

I thought this day would never come.  For the past three weeks, this website had been experiencing technical problems.  Essentially, the home page had been freezing on a regular basis.  Thankfully, I was able to add content during this frustrating period.  Unfortunately, there were fewer postings than normal.  That’s about to change.
Late last night, Dolores of Windows Live Spaces Technical Support sent me an email that explained the mystery of my freezing home page.  She correctly noted that there were simply too many posted blog entries (25, which is the maximum) and in order to solve the problem I needed to reduce that number to either 5 or 10.  I settled on 10.  Once the change was made, my website stopped freezing.  Special thanks to Dolores and Technical Support for all their help.  It is deeply appreciated.
As you can imagine, when something like this happens it can throw off your rhythm.  It can also leave you perplexed.  I mean, since this website began in earnest 15 months ago, the plan was to always have as many blog entries on the home page as possible.  Until recently, this didn’t cause a single problem.  From now on, every page of this site will just have 10 pieces.  No more, no less.
Because of this significant change, I’ve had to do some rearranging.  Prior to today, my profile and all the lists were on the left side of the screen while the blog covered the rest of the space.  Since it’s not feasible to have 25 blog entries per page anymore, the original layout has been scrapped in favour of this new one where the blog is firmly sandwiched by lists on the left and the right.
If you’re looking for my 10 Best and 10 Worst movie lists, my lists of Recommended Websites, The Funniest People Alive and The Sexiest Women Alive plus my Amazon Book list, you’ll now find them on the right side of the screen.  All the others, as well as my profile, remain on the left side.
I very nearly made one other signficant change.  The space-themed background had been disappearing on occasion today which was very weird.  Also, with the exception of my profile pic, all my content decided to run away from home.  Imagine linking to this site only to see a very small picture floating in space.  Not good.  Thankfully, all my words got homesick and came back.  As noted before in this space, this isn’t the first time my blog has magically disappeared.
Moving on.  You may have noticed another change today.  Windows Live has finally introduced a Guestbook, something I’ve been wanting to have on here for quite a while now.  (You’ll find it above my Blog.)  I invite you to leave comments on there and also on my Blog writings.  You can also send email to dennischarlesearl@hotmail.com.  All your feedback is appreciated and read.
Windows Live has also introduced music lists and for a moment, I had decided to add some here.  But after reworking the look of my site, I’ve changed my mind.  I don’t think I can fit them in now. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to delete that "Music" link that you’ll see right under my email address near the top of the screen.  If you click it, you won’t find anything listed.  In fact, you’ll probably never find anything listed.  For the time being, that link will stay where it is until I learn how to remove it.
Finally, a word about my hit count.  Normally, this website receives between 200 and 400 hits per week.  Not great but it’s something to build on.  Since the freezing began, though, readership has dropped.  It’s a miracle if I get 100 hits or more in 7 consecutive days now.  Hopefully, with everything resolved, more visitors will check things out here as the site inches towards 10,000 page views.
That’s all for now.  Keep your eyes on this space for more pieces and don’t forget to check out The Fading To Black Blog which features more of my writings.  Thanks for visiting.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, May 11, 2007
11:43 p.m.
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