Red Moon

Where would I be today without my trusted PC?  I certainly wouldn’t have had a small number of articles published in my local newspaper.  I wouldn’t have been able to launch this website.  And I wouldn’t have met so many interesting women.
It’s amazing how easy it is to meet members of the opposite sex online.  Too easy, actually.  The possibilities are endless.  There are dating sites, profile directories for numerous instant messenger services, and of course, chatrooms.  I could fill a book with stories about my many online encounters with hundreds of different women.  In fact, I actually started one 6 years ago.  Or, at least, I tried to.  After writing 13 chapters that were all meant to be a precursor to the good stuff (real-life events that led to the purchase of my second computer), I had second thoughts.  It’s always risky to reveal too much about your personal life publicly no matter how interesting it may be.  And I felt, upon further reflection, that it would be best to drop the idea and move on to something else.  However, I did share some of the chapters with a couple of my ex-girlfriends.  Their feedback was very helpful and I was able to improve my writing.
Last night, I was chatting with my current girlfriend about my site.  As noted in this space, it had been freezing a lot and since The Windows Live Support Team solved the problem not too long ago, I wanted to know if she was able to see everything ok.  Thankfully, everything is fine on her end as well as mine.  She hadn’t noticed the poetry section before and was shocked with how blunt the writing was.  She’s always been very kind and supportive of my creative endeavours but was surprised how I didn’t hold anything back in my poems which she thoroughly enjoyed.  (When we chat online or talk on the phone, the conversations are almost always sweet and polite.)
I had mentioned how I had wanted to do some new poetry but simply never got around to doing it.  I also brought up this one poem that I’ve long resisted posting on here.
Back in 2001, I found this chat site called Chatspan.  One of the first women I met was this slightly older single mom from New Jersey.  We hit it off right away and ended up striking an unusual friendship.  We’d talk about our lives and we would also have cyber sex.  It ended about a year later.  After sending her numerous pics of myself, I still hadn’t received a single one in return.  I eventually realized that the relationship had run its course (she was never going to show me what she looked like and we were never going to meet in person) and I told her I didn’t want to do this anymore.  It should be noted that during this whole time she was dating guys offline and I became involved with other women online.  In fact, if memory serves, I had two short-term, long distance girlfriends (not at the same time) whose pics I did see (I was also able to talk to one of them on the phone several times) but neither relationship got to the offline stage. 
The New Jersey mom was furious with me.  She was incredulous that I would even consider ending it.  I was not expecting her to be so upset.  We weren’t an exclusive couple.  We weren’t in love.  But apparently, she thought our cybersexual friendship was perfectly fine.  It wasn’t.  Completely unprepared to handle her explosive response, I put her on Ignore in the chatroom.  Then, she left me a short, nasty email.  I soon put her on Block.  Eventually, I unblocked her email address and thankfully, haven’t heard from her since.  She was a very nice lady, though.  It just didn’t work out.
When we were talking about sexual fantasies, hers involved having sex on a beach late at night.  I remember one night during this period I was looking out the window in my bedroom and noticed a red moon.  I thought about her fantasy and decided to write an erotic poem for her with that title.  She loved it.  She thought it was very sexy and when someone pays your writing a compliment like that, it’s a huge confidence booster, let me tell ya.
Anyway, 5 years later when I started this website I decided to post a few examples of my poetry.  Red Moon seemed a little too racy for a site like this so it was never published here.  Last night, while talking to my girlfriend about it, she insisted I change my mind.  She buttered me up with compliments (hard to resist those from someone as sweet as her) and I took another look at it.  Although it is very sexual in nature, it’s not pornographic by any means.  Still, I’m prepared for any kind of negative feedback it might inspire.  It is not for prudes.
The poem ended up being transformed and expanded into the first chapter of my uncompleted book about my online sex life.  It took a couple of tries but on the advice of one of my exes, I added a lot more details to beef up the writing.  Needless to say, it’s even more sexual than the original poem.  Not even an avalanche of compliments from my special lady would ever convince me to publish it.  Why?  It would provoke a worldwide blushing epidemic.
By Dennis Earl
I lay on the beach
Paradise within reach
She lays there beside me
Eager to teach
It is a beautiful night
The climate just right
A quick glance around
And there is no one in sight
Now is the time
To commit the perfect crime
Sensuous delights
That won’t cost me a dime
She gently strokes me
Her touch provokes me
It all seems so fast
But she’s stroking slowly
Our bodies glistening
The night sky listening
And all of the while
Gradually stiffening
Now I see paradise
With my own 2 eyes
Mutually pleasuring
To immeasurable highs
She feeds the addiction
With easy persuasion
No longer caged
The result of emancipation
The stroking concludes
And we are wet and nude
Ready to test
What our passion exudes
She pins me down
Grinding me down
Always a smile
Never a frown
Her rhythm increases
The moment she seizes
Will I hold together
Or break into pieces?
It’s going so fast
How can I last?
I am new to this arena
My lonely days are vast
But I hold strong
The encounter is long
Both of us delighting
In our passionate song
And yet it ends too soon
Our collaborative tune
Until we meet again
Under the red moon
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, May 21, 2007
2:35 p.m.
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