Catching Up And A Preview

It’s that time once again to take stock and get caught up with what’s been happening with this website.
As of this moment, The Writings Of Dennis Earl is closing in on 11000 page views.  (Right now, the exact number is 10842.)  I probably should’ve made a big fuss about hitting 10000 several weeks ago but just never got around to it.  It’s not a terribly impressive number when there are numerous sites that receive millions of hits daily but still, I’m encouraged to keep going. 
It’s nice to read website comments and personally addressed emails, especially when they’re positive.  Keep them coming.  Remember, you can leave feedback directly on the site by posting a comment about a specific piece or by writing something in my Guestbook.  Speaking of which, I’m disappointed that no one has contributed anything to it yet so I would encourage all my readers to leave feedback on there.  Positive or negative, I read every comment & email (, and appreciate it when anyone takes the time to offer their thoughts about my writing.
My Amazon Book List is about to get some new entries.  There are some titles I’ve read and enjoyed in the past that will be added soon and at least one new title will be included, as well.  (More on that in a moment.)  Since the list was posted last summer, there have been 469 clicks but sadly, no orders.  I urge you to check it out and enjoy some solid fiction and non-fiction writing this summer.  You won’t be disappointed.  Every time you place an order after directly clicking a link from my list, I get a small cut of the sale.  Simply clicking is not enough to earn me a little dough.  You need to buy an actual book.  It’s my only revenue stream so every purchase made through that list is much appreciated.
I’m very close to finishing U2 By U2, the 2006 coffee table book that I received as a Christmas gift last year.  With just a chapter and a bit to go, I hope to get more than one piece out of it.  In fact, I’m hoping to do a lot of U2-related writing as the summer progresses.
You may have wondered why there have been infrequent postings as of late.  Well, let’s just say I lost my rhythm and I need to get it back.  Many of the postings on here are the result of spontaneity while some have been in the planning stages for longer periods.  It’s not always possible to say ahead of time what’s coming soon, although I do try to offer teases.  Inspiration can happen so fast you have to write immediately or you’ll lose the opportunity to create something potentially spectacular.  While I sometimes regret getting too ambitious for my own good, I’ve learned that when you lay out what you hope to accomplish in a piece such as this, you’re motivated enough to flesh out most of these ideas.
Having said that, though, because there are a lot of unused ideas running through my head, a number of which I don’t have 100% confidence in, it’s best at this time to keep quiet about them.  They require a lot more scrutiny and contemplation.
In the meantime, I hope you’ll continue to visit The Writings Of Dennis Earl and enjoy my latest offerings.  With over 300 pieces (including my Fading To Black items) already posted, there’s plenty of reading material for you to enjoy.
Thanks again for visiting.  New stuff will be posted soon.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, July 13, 2007
2:20 p.m.
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