Marsden’s Exit Long Overdue

Yesterday, this website reported how odd it was that Rachel Marsden’s name was missing from the list of Toronto Sun political columnists.  It appeared as though she had been dropped from the tabloid.
We now have confirmation that this, in fact, is true.  Early this morning, an anonymous commenter posted a statement here which was taken directly from Marsden’s official site.  Originally posted “late last night” but later updated, according to Toronto Sun Family blogger John Cosway, the complete comment reads as follows:

“Sun Media Column Statement:

Attention terrorists and Islamofascists:  You can now read the Toronto Sun without having your delicate sensibilities offended, as my weekly column is no longer with Sun Media.  I am currently exploring US syndication and other venues for the column.  In the meantime, you can continue to read it here at, every Monday.  And yes (to respond to some of your queries), after more than 2 years of writing weekly for the Sun, I’ve been under a new Editor-in-Chief, since October 5th, who comes from Canada’s most liberal newspaper:  The Toronto Star.  My column about Islam was spiked on his first day at the job.  Best of luck to any principled conservatives who remain.

– Rachel Marsden, November 7/07″

After two years and over a hundred columns, The Toronto Sun finally did the right thing by dropping this notorious pretend journalist, who should never have been hired in the first place.  As this website has noted here and here, Marsden is a ridiculously sloppy writer.  She was an ongoing embarrassment for a daily that doesn’t need any more bad news at this point.  Also, it should be noted that it doesn’t really matter how conservative her views are.  If you can’t get your facts right or make an argument without coming across as a total lunatic, you have no business writing for a newspaper.  How Marsden has been able to maintain this sham of a career for as long as she has remains baffling.
Where does one begin with her official statement?  Is it really a good idea to come across as petty, paranoid and whiny after being rightfully fired?  When she was let go from the late night Fox News program, Red Eye, her tone was completely different.  How come she couldn’t be as gracious with her Sun Media statement, as well?  How come she didn’t thank Lorrie Goldstein and Rob Granatstein for supporting her in that article?  They foolishly vouched for her and one wonders if they’re both regretting that now.  Furthermore, being publicly bitter over something that was caused by your own actions is as immature and unprofessional as you can get.  This is not a wise move on her part.  One wonders if she’ll leave Canada and continue to press her luck in America.  They can have her.
For more fallout on Marsden’s exit, check out these two entertaining stories on The Toronto Sun Family Blog here and here.  John Cosway has a new poll up on the site asking visitors to pick a replacement for Marsden.  I went with “Guest Columns”.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, November 8, 2007
3:11 p.m.
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  1. I read the Sun every day, Dennis, and I originally thought her column was a humour thing like Dave Barry. She’s nuts. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she backed up her reporting with facts that weren’t merely her own opinion. She’d go on and on about extreme right-wing thoughts, without backing them up. Even Bill O’Reily never opened his big mouth unless he had SOMETHING to back it up… usually. I’ll be honest though, I LOOOOOOVED hating her column. She just crossed the line. The torture report was a legitimate debate, because obviously SOMEBODY in the US government thinks it’s a good idea, but she should have gotten in touch with a few supporters before she wrote it. If you want her job, pick up where she dropped the ball on this Torture thing and finish the story properly.

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