More Interesting Things I Learned Watching The First Seinfeld DVD Box Set

21. Kramer enters Jerry’s apartment nine times in the first season.
22. One of Jerry’s longtime managers is George Shapiro who used to also represent the late Andy Kaufman.  Danny DeVito played Shapiro in Man On The Moon.
23. In the early years, there was an idea to turn Kramer into a millionaire.  Had it been used, it would’ve explained how he was able to live comfortably without having a steady job.
24. Tracy Kolis landed the role of southern bombshell Marlene in the season two opener, “The Ex-Girlfriend”.  Other aspiring actresses who tried out for the part included Jeri Ryan, who became a sex symbol on Star Trek: Voyager, and Amy Yasbeck.  Speaking of Yasbeck, she played John Ritter’s wife in Problem Child (Michael Richards played the villain, The Bow-Tie Killer, in that film) and Jason Alexander’s spouse in Pretty Woman.  Heidi Swedberg also auditioned for Marlene.  She eventually went on to play George’s doomed fiance, Susan.
25. Julia Louis-Dreyfus wanted Mary Tyler Moore to play Elaine’s mother.
26. In “The Ex-Girlfriend”, after he breaks up with Marlene, George tells Jerry that he left some books in her apartment that he’d like to have back.  Fearing he’ll be seduced again and unwittingly get back together with her, he asks Jerry to retrieve them on his behalf.  A quick shot of the stack of five books can be seen during the scene where Jerry and Marlene are talking in a booth at Monk’s.  Only the top three titles are known.  They are Do I Have To Give Up Me To Be Loved By You?, Staying Well With The Gentle Art Of Verbal Self-Defense, and I’m OK – You’re OK.
27. Even though he’s a Mets fan, a Yankees cap can be seen on a high shelf on Jerry’s bookcase against the wall by the bathroom door.
28. Elaine was originally supposed to be an eye doctor.
29. Larry Charles was a stand-up comedian before he became a TV writer.  He worked with Larry David and Michael Richards on Fridays.  He joined the writing staff of Seinfeld in its second season.  The reason he wasn’t there from the start?  He was writing for Arsenio Hall’s late night show.
30. The year he started playing George, Jason Alexander won a Tony Award for his work in Jerome Robbins’ Broadway.
31. Every sitcom character Dreyfus has played so far has either had a first name beginning and/or ending with the letter “e”.  She was Elaine on Seinfeld, she was the title character on Watching Ellie, on Day By Day, she played a character named Eileen and she’s the protagonist on The New Adventures Of Old Christine.
32. Ryan Stiles auditioned for the role of the salesman looking after Jerry in “The Jacket”.  He’s best known for his improv work on both versions of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and for playing Drew Carey’s buddy, Lewis, on The Drew Carey Show.
33. There’s a Three Stooges calendar hanging on the wall next to Jerry’s kitchen.
34. In “The Busboy”, George bemoans eating yet another plate of Pesto.  Originally, that particular food was supposed to be Elaine’s “sworn enemy”.
35. The fired busboy’s cat, Pequita, is named after an alcoholic beverage that contains “orange juice, key lime juice, tequila and grenadine syrup”.
36. George says his first “baby” during a key scene in “The Baby Shower”.  He’s practising what he plans to say to a now-married, very pregnant ex-performance artist, who didn’t treat him very well during their one and only date a few years earlier.  Speaking of that character, she was based on Karen Finley, who some may remember as a frequent guest on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect program.  The actress who played her would play another snooty character, this one a saleswoman with a weird accent, in the season five episode, “The Pie”.
37. Kramer’s first name was originally supposed to be Konrad and it was going to be revealed as such in “The Phone Message”.  According to Larry Charles, Larry David came up with Cosmo instead which was revealed in the sixth season. 
38. Larry Charles is surprised that the phrase “jerk off” wasn’t cut from “The Heart Attack”.  It’s what George says to Jerry after he pressed a pillow over his face in his hospital room.
39. Jane Leeves auditioned for Rava, the chain-smoking Finnish novelist, in “The Statue”.  While she’s best known for playing Daphne Moon on Frasier, she’s also famous for playing Marla, the virgin Jerry hires to re-design his closet, in a number of episodes in the fourth season.
40. There’s a Seinfeld episode that was never filmed.  Entitled “The Bet”, it had two relevant storylines.  In one, Jerry bets Elaine on the matter of whether or not she’ll buy a gun for protection.  (She ends up buying a toy gun hoping to fool him.)  In the other, Kramer returns from a vacation in Puerto Rico.  He claims he had sex with a stewardess on the flight back home.  Jerry believes it, George doesn’t, hence their friendly wager.  The episode was never made because of collective worries regarding the gun plot.
41. In “The Stranded”, there are two references to “The Jacket”.  (These are called “callbacks”, by the way.)  First, when Elaine informs a stranger at a party that she works for Pendant Publishing, Jerry walks by and says, “Pendant?  Those bastards!”.  That line was spoken by Elaine’s father who had the same reaction about her place of business.  Then, in a later scene in Jerry’s apartment, Kramer tells Michael Chiklis about the time he convinced Elaine to wait for him while he picked up a cage full of birds from a magician.  It’s done so subtly you might not catch it the first time.
42. Speaking of “The Stranded”, although it was filmed during the second season (and appears on the first DVD box set), it actually aired during the third season.  Causing even more confusion, George is still employed as a real estate agent.  In “The Revenge”, which aired well before “The Stranded”, he quits his job in disgust over his boss’ memo regarding a ban on using his private bathroom.  An introduction by Jerry Seinfeld was produced (and aired exactly once) to let the audience know why George is mysteriously still employed in “The Stranded”.
43. Elaine’s famous catchprase “Get out!” made its debut in “The Apartment”.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus does that shove in real life.  The moment was not in the original script.
(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
3:02 a.m.
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