Unsolved Mysteries Of Seinfeld

1. Who is Elaine’s mother and how come we never meet her?
2. What happened to the musician who took the old lady’s apartment above Jerry?
3. What’s Newman’s first name?
4. What happened to Kramer’s dog?
5. Why wouldn’t Jerry’s date, Poppy’s daughter, eat the apple pie?
6. Why doesn’t Poppy wash his hands before preparing meals in his restaurant?  
7. Why is “Del Boca Vista” so hard for Jerry Stiller to say?
8. Who is Kramer’s father and how come we never meet him?  Did he die?  If so, how?
9. What were Jerry and Elaine fighting about and why did it lead to their initial break-up?
10. How, when and why did they break up a second time?
11. How did Kramer transform himself from a bathrobe-wearing shut-in to an outgoing playboy?
12. Why wasn’t Kramer in that Chinese Restaurant with Jerry, Elaine and George when he wasn’t strictly a homebody at that point?
13. Why did George cheat in The Contest?
14. Why did Kramer stop knocking on Jerry’s door before entering?
15. How come Jerry’s door isn’t always locked?
16. Why did Elaine’s parents split up?
17. How come George can smoke a cigar but can’t handle a cigarette?
18. Why did the number on Jerry’s apartment change 3 times?
19. How did Paquita, the busboy’s cat, escape his apartment without being seen or making a sound?
20. How come we never meet Jerry’s sister and why is she never mentioned more than once?
21. How was Poppy able to leave such a huge pee stain on Jerry’s couch cushion while sitting in that position and wearing, presumably, two layers of clothing?
22. Why was Jerry having second thoughts about Elaine moving into his building (and therefore eliminating his “buffer zone”) when she’s in his apartment in practically every episode already?  What difference would it make?  She’s always there! 
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
3:19 a.m.
23. An astute commenter has pointed out another unsolved mystery.  George, indeed, mentions a brother in the third season episode, The Suicide.  Also, he mentions him again in The Parking Space.  So, who is George’s brother and how come we never meet him?
24. In another third season episode, The Fix-Up, there’s a scene where Cynthia and Elaine are talking about George.  If you look closely at the refrigerator, you’ll notice black fingerprints.  How did they get there and who do they belong to?
25. Why do Newman and Jerry hate each other?
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, March 17, 2008
8:00 p.m.
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  1. In the first season, George also makes a comment about a sibling. I think it’s a brother, but isn’t mentioned ever again. It might have been the pilot.

  2. Sorry, it was season 3, "the suicide". George makes a reference to his brother impregnating a woman. funny

  3. to answer question ten. the following season he explains to his father why they broke up. i believe it was when elaine and jerry visit jerry’s parents in Florida in the 3rd season. they’re(jerry and his parents) are whispering about elaine, and jerry tells them they decided it was best to stay friends. something about it being complicated i think. It is “The Pen” episode.

  4. I can’t believe you missed this one:

    In “The Seven” does the girl that Jerry is dating wear the same dress every day? Does she have multiple like Superman?

  5. […] 44. Is Christie, Jerry’s girlfriend in The Seven, really wearing the same black & white dress with the neck scoop every time they see each other or does she have a closet full of them? (Belated thanks to Joe Pants for this one.) […]

  6. 13. He says during the “plane crash” that he cheated because he is a cheater.
    25. I think Jerry said during an interview that hating Newman was just a funny thing to him, so there’s no reason.

  7. Though Jerry has stated publicly that the decision to have Jerry and Newman hate each other was made simply because it just seemed funnier to do so, I’ve always believed it was because Jerry wouldn’t let Newman borrow the deaf lip reader he was dating to spy on his new supervisor and verify his suspicions that they were planning to transfer him. Furthermore, the gang proving that the non-fat frozen yogurt actually had fat in it probably didn’t make Newman any happier, either.

    • their friendship with kamer. kind of like ‘what does he got that I don’t got?” lol each resents the other

  8. 5. Jerry had already started eating it and there was only one fork
    10. the decided to just be friends, the sex complicated things
    11. jerry moving in brought him out of his apartment
    13. cuz he’s a cheater
    14. because jerry’s apt is like his second home
    15. see above
    19. they left the door open and it just snuck out.. it’s a cat!
    20. obvious
    22. actually WATCH the episode. stupid question.
    23. same as 20 both only children (one mention means nothing
    in such early seasons)
    25. their friendship with kamer. kind of like ‘what does he got that I don;t got?” lol

    all the other questions are irrlevant and/or obvious

  9. also on season 7, episode 13, jerry’s date (christie) never changes clothes! why?!

  10. whoops, sorryy, this is already answered.

    • Where is this answered? What’s the answer??? 🙂

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