Interesting Things I Learned While Watching The Third Season Of Seinfeld On DVD

1. Paul McCartney was such a fan of the program that he wanted to appear in an episode.  For some unknown reason, the writers didn’t make it happen.
2. In The Boyfriend, Kramer and Newman talk about the time they went to see The New York Mets play The Philadelphia Phillies at Shea Stadium on June 14, 1987.  Newman, in particular, goes into great detail about how guest star Keith Hernandez made a costly error that led to a Phillies comeback victory.  Unfortunately, in reality, The Mets weren’t at home that day.  They were in Pittsburgh squaring off against the Pirates.  (The Phillies played The Expos in Montreal.)  Furthermore, The Mets won 7-3.  How did Hernandez do at the plate?  He had a dinger, a double and batted in two runs.
3. Daryl Strawberry was the first choice to play the actual spitter in The Boyfriend.  However, Keith Hernandez, his good friend and Mets teammate, didn’t think that was such a great idea, considering Strawberry’s very public problems at the time.  Keith’s other pal and teammate, Roger MacDowell, got the role instead.
4. In The Dog, Jerry, George & Elaine express an interest in seeing a new movie called Prognosis: Negative.  The title comes from an unproduced 1988 Larry David screenplay about a guy who gets some good news from his doctor which he misunderstands because he believes a negative prognosis is actually bad. 
5. Ponce De Leon, the sold out movie in The Dog, was originally going to be called Two Bits.
6. One of the actresses who unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of Julianna, the physical therapist Jerry freaks out during his massage in The Note, was Debra Jo Rupp.  Best known for playing Topher Grace’s big-haired mom on That 70s Show, she later played Jerry’s overly mothering agent.
7. Elaine Pope was the first female Seinfeld writer to have a script turned into a proper episode.  The Truth was the second episode of the third season.  Pope had previously written sketches on the show, Fridays, where she worked with Larry Charles, Larry David and Michael Richards.
8. George’s middle name, Louis, is revealed for the first time in The Truth.  It’s a tribute to Lou Costello, half of the famous comedy team, Abbott and Costello, whose 1950s TV show was a major influence on the writing of Seinfeld.
9. The drunk dog owner, Gavin Polone, in The Dog was named after Larry David’s agent.
10. Larry Charles hated the wigs Jason Alexander and Jerry Seinfeld wore for the JFK high school flashback scene in The Library.  He thought they looked really cheap and distracting.  He remains really bothered about it to this very day.
11. Kramer made his first appearance in Monk’s Cafe during the last scene of The Note, which was the third season premiere.
12. The Library’s original working titles were The Library Card and The Five Chinese Brothers, the latter of which is an actual kid’s book.
13. Uncle Leo wasn’t originally scripted to be in the last scene in The Pen.  We were supposed to meet Jerry’s other uncle, Sammy, instead.
14. There are two errors in the end credits of two early third season episodes.  In The Library, Sherry Becker, Jerry’s high school crush, is mistakenly listed as Sandy.  And in The Note, Jerry’s dentist friend, Roy, is erroneously referred to as Lloyd, which was the character’s original name.
15. That’s a picture of Jerry’s father on the wall right beside his apartment door.
16. The end of The Parking Garage was a happy accident.  In the shooting script, once the gang of four found their car, Kramer was supposed to start it and drive away.  But during the shoot the vehicle was being uncooperative.  When Michael Richards turned on the ignition, the car just wouldn’t start.  It was agreed this was a funnier ending so they left it in.  If you look closely and quickly, you can see Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus laughing in the back seat.
17. Speaking of Louis-Dreyfus, she was actually in attendance for the sixth game of the 1986 World Series.  “A friend of my father’s had season tickets and [I] went,” she notes on the DVD. 
18. Farfel, the dog that never stops barking in The Dog, wasn’t played by an actual canine.  It was Tom Williams, a voice-over artist, who actually made all those noises.  Off-camera, naturally.
19. It says “Wilkes-Jennings, Physical Therapist” on the glass door that George, Elaine and Jerry walk through to get their massages in The Note.
20. There’s a major error in The Truth.  Near the beginning of the episode, Jerry and Kramer are going through the comedian’s old receipts since he’s being audited, thanks to a misguided charitible donation Jerry made, on his first date with Elaine, to a crooked organization Kramer vouched for.  (It had something to do with Krakatoa, the volcano.)  After he learns from George’s “pretentious” ex-girlfriend that his tax papers have been thrown out, there’s a latter scene where he calls a computer store trying to hunt down a receipt.  Doesn’t he already have it?
(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, March 7, 2008
10:58 p.m.
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  1. #20… I thought the tax papers included all the receipts, therefore his search for any receipt that he can find?

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