Sherri Wood Benefit Concert Proposed

She would’ve been 29 today.
Sherri Wood died of brain cancer late last month and while she is greatly missed by family, friends, the music business, work colleagues and readers of The Toronto Sun, it is abundantly clear she won’t be forgotten.  In fact, an interesting idea has been publicly proposed as a way of honouring her memory and dedication to covering music.
On March 31st, former Toronto Sun TV Critic Bill Brioux talked about how the suggestion of a benefit concert came up among mourners during the day of Sherri’s funeral on his TV Feeds My Family Blog.  He even pitched a possible name for it:  Sherri Woodstock
“‘Sherri Woodstock’ needs a venue, bands, promotion, a driving force. Knowing Sherri and her daily lust for tea, the whole things [sic] should be sponsored by Starbucks. The hope would be that a music festival could help raise money for brain cancer research. It would also be a wonderful way of celebrating her warmth and embracing spirit,” he wrote.
“If you are involved in the Toronto music scene and would like to offer suggestions and advice on the best way to push this all forward, please leave a comment [on his website] or reach me at”
Late last night, Bill launched a Facebook group called – what else? – Sherri Woodstock.  He’s encouraging members of the website to join, offer ideas for the concert and to check in for progress reports.  Click here to check it out for yourself.  (Bill writes about the group on his Blog here.)  As of this writing, 20 people (including myself) have already signed up.  Here’s hoping more take up the cause and help make this benefit concert a reality.
Bill’s suggestion is to make it all happen this summer.  It would be great if it turned into an annual event and not just a one-time deal.  Personally, it would be a real coup if Coldplay, one of Sherri’s favourite groups, agreed to headline.  That would be a huge boost to getting other acts to participate.
One thing’s for certain, however.  That proposed name, Sherri Woodstock, probably won’t stick.  The name, Woodstock, in reference to the famous concerts of 1969, 1994 and 1999, is trademarked by Woodstock Ventures.  Chances are they wouldn’t be keen on their name being used without their prior permission.  Furthermore, they’d probably want some kind of monetary compensation for its use.  (Plans are underway for a fourth concert to commemmorate the 40th Anniversary of the original festival next year.)  Surely, there is a name that can be chosen that would avoid a potential legal mess like this, something memorable, appropriate and commercial.
At any event, Bill could sure use some help with this.  Join his Facebook group, send him some helpful email and let’s see this thing take shape this year.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
6:04 p.m.
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