Unsolved Mysteries Of The Fourth Season Of Seinfeld

1. What happened to the lawsuit Ping, the Chinese delivery boy, re-filed against Elaine?
2. Who’s the mystery woman who stood up Kramer in order to avoid seeing an operation?
3. What are those other two movies George brings up to Jerry’s apartment?
4. What happened to The Smelly Car after Jerry gave it away to that long-haired guy on the stoop?
5. What was the deal with that white discolouration on George’s upper lip?
6. How come Ping’s lawyer buys Jerry’s “dark and disturbed” act when before she left the table to make that phone call to her aunt he sounded and acted funny?
7. Why did Susan stop wearing glasses?
8. Why did Elaine wear that ridiculous jacket, make a big fuss about keeping it on and then never wear it again?
9. What did Jerry say to George in the coffee shop that made him squeeze that ketchup bottle a little too hard?
10. What happened to the NYU reporter’s boyfriend?  How was she able to just make out with Jerry if she wasn’t really available?
11. What happened to The Smog Strangler after he escaped that police vehicle in handcuffs?
12. What convinced Kramer to return to New York after his short stint pursuing acting in Los Angeles?
13. How could Kramer forget about his lit Cuban cigar in the cabin when he just set it down?
14. Why does Susan’s father stay miserably married to her alcoholic mother if he’s gay?
15. Why does the movie usher allow Kramer to get into the theatre without a ticket but keeps bugging George for a stub every time he sees him?
16. What exactly happened to Crazy Joe Davola?  Did he commit suicide?  Did he survive that jump from the balcony?  Was he arrested for attacking Jerry?
17. How come Kramer stopped seeing the naked woman from across the street?
18. Why wouldn’t that hot chef, the one who loves Elaine’s Botticellis, kiss Jerry when they were dating?
(Special thanks to Rob Kerr.)
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, May 8, 2008
7:56 p.m.
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