Sun Believes “Classless” Harper “Best Choice” To Lead Canada

Last year, The Toronto Sun began publishing signed editorials.  For the first time in the tabloid’s history, readers knew which editorial board member wrote which editorial.  Actually, they weren’t called editorials anymore.  They were Points Of View.
However, things have changed yet again.  Sometime last year, unsigned editorials returned (they’re not called Points Of View any longer) but only on certain days of the week, most notably Sundays.  This brings us to the two most recent Toronto Sun Editorials.
Every time there’s an election, whether it’s a civic, provincial or national contest, newspaper editorial boards feel the need to endorse their candidate of choice.  The Toronto Sun is no exception.  In a shocking twist, with two days to go before the whole country goes to the polls, The Sun’s editorial board once again endorsed Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  (Honestly, have they ever picked anybody who isn’t a conservative?  According to this, even The Toronto Star Editorial Board, which is liberal, have not always been predictable with their endorsements.  Would you believe they preferred then-Conservative Leader Robert Stanfield to Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau not once but twice in 1972 and 1974, respectively?)
At any event, despite having reservations about Harper’s broken promises and utter indifference to the global financial crisis, among other complaints, the board, in an unsigned editorial, wrote:
“While we respect all the national party leaders, realistically, Canadians Tuesday must choose between Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion to lead us through tough economic times.
To us, the choice for prime minister is clear. It’s Harper.”
But wait.  Yesterday, Sun editorial writer Michael Den Tandt offered a very different view of The Prime Minister.  Headlined “Harper team a classless bunch”, his signed editorial strongly criticized The Conservatives’ campaign decision to highlight a recent taped interview Liberal Leader Stephane Dion gave to CTV.  I’ve not seen the interview myself, but Den Tandt opined that Dion “looks confused, almost dazed” in an outtake clip posted on YouTube.  He further notes, “He looks anything but prime ministerial.”
But then, Den Tandt writes this:  “But Stephen Harper?  He looks worse.”
How so?
“Dion messed up in a taped interview. For this, the Conservative campaign machine went into overdrive? For this, the prime minister delayed his flight, held an extraordinary news conference, as his people bent over backwards to ensure that reporters would see the clip of funny Professor Dion making an ass of himself?
News flash to the country and the world: Dion’s English is terrible!
Was anything else occurring in this country Thursday evening that might have occupied Harper’s reputedly gi-normous tactical brain? Um … let’s see … it’ll come to us in a moment … ah, yes. The global economy is collapsing. Banks around the world are petrified to lend money. Stock traders are in a blind panic. The entire world, to hear some financial experts tell it, is on the brink of another Great Depression.
But Harper’s overriding goal Thursday evening was to heap mockery on his chief opponent’s poor command of English. How tawdry, cheap and sad.”
Wow.  Den Tandt doesn’t stop there, however:
“Conservatives will say — they’re saying it already — that it wasn’t about schoolyard mockery at all. It was about Dion’s lack of an economic plan. He doesn’t have a plan. He’s in a dither. As prime minister he’d be a disaster.
What rot. This was a Hail Mary pass by a Conservative team desperate to deflect attention from Harper’s poor handling of the economic crisis as a campaign issue. Why not just gather all 308 Conservative candidates together in a big gymnasium and have them shout “gna-gna-gna!” at a big poster of Dion?”
The editorial ends thusly:
“Harper should be ashamed of himself.”
To be fair, today’s Sun editorial, the one that endorses Harper for Prime Minister, acknowledges the following:
“True, Harper failed to adapt his campaign to the sudden collapse of stock markets, the credit crunch and falling oil prices during this election.
That’s worrisome because part of the prime minister’s job is to rally and reassure the nation in times of crisis, not suggest a stock market crash means some good buying opportunities.”
Then, incredibly, they endorse Harper by saying this isn’t nearly as bad as Dion’s controversial carbon tax, as if that’s ever gonna be a reality considering how widely unpopular it is both in Canada and within The Liberal Party itself.
So, just to summarize, yesterday, The Conservatives were “desperate” and “classless” and thought attacking Dion’s English was more important than dealing with the faltering world economy which they haven’t done a good job of handling.  But today, they’re the “best choice” to lead Canada.
Yeah, that makes about as much sense as endorsing George W. Bush for U.S. President.  Twice.  Can’t wait for the “we prefer McCain” editorial.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, October 12, 2008
3:24 p.m.
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