Strangled by a growing malaise
Infuriated with the wasted days
Progress marred by shadowy plays
How to improve my failing ways?
Too early, too late, the pay is too low
Too skilled, unskilled, the response time is slow
No openings, no interviews, no passion to show
Wanting a "yes" but stuck with a stubborn "no"
Facing rejection at every turn
Hopeful endeavours hard to discern
Boiling temperament cause for concern
So many lessons I need to learn
Too old for the young, too young for the older
Too bold for the normal, too scared of the bolder
Too smart for the dumb, too warm for the colder
Too plain for the hot, too safe to smoulder
Stuck in the seductive rhythm of post-adolescence
Headed down the lonely road of obsolescence
An ongoing need for convalescence
Long overdue for efflorescence
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, July 24, 2009
10:27 p.m. 
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