Forever Haunted

The promise of seduction never fulfilled
The fears and doubts cannot be killed
Is your offer still on the table?
Or was this all just an exciting fable?
Do you remember everything that was said?
Do I enter your mind while you’re lying in bed?
Are you disappointed that we never met?
Or would I have been yet another regret?
I wasn’t prepared to feed off your passion
Have I fallen right out of fashion?
Have I elevated you to an impossible height?
Why is letting you go such an ongoing fight?
You were indecisive about what you truly wanted
What could have been leaves me forever haunted
I know deep down that we probably wouldn’t last
But I can’t leave the memories of you to fade in the past
You talked a good game but were you sincere?
Your forthright manner aroused me with fear
But I sensed depression as well as resistence
You were always nice but you kept me at a distance
Our conversations were never varied
One topic of interest was never buried
As open as you were to the subject of pleasure
Your genuine interest was harder to measure
I was scared to learn that side of your history
The rest of you remains a fascinating mystery
Are you as skilled and experienced as you claim?
Or was I another target in your manipulative game?
Titillation is your stock-in-trade
Have your partners ever given you a failing grade?
I’ll never know because of my permanent hesitation
How strong really is your offline presentation?
If only we had more than unexplored lust
If only I could relax and learn to trust
If only that seed could truly be sewn
If only you were alone 
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
11:10 p.m. 
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  1. […] I made the right call.  I’d already written a couple of poems about her in the past like Forever Haunted, for instance.  Dancing On The Edge Of Desire resurrected my conflicting feelings about the whole […]

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