Looking For A Muse

She doesn’t have to be lovely beyond words
She just needs to be herself
Her financial standing is unimportant
I don’t care about her wealth
She needs to keep illness at bay
The poster child of good health
A sincere disposition
No operating by stealth
I need her passion and cheerfulness
Conversations built on smart
Independence is a must
So we can enjoy some things apart
A sense of humour is key
Right from the start
But most vital of all
Is her great big heart
I’m not looking for marriage
Or a family of my own
There isn’t any desire
To be a domesticated drone
I want to sense her joy
When I hear her on the phone
And feel a sense of pride
When we’re together alone
If she loves movies and music
That would be great
But she needs a presence
That inspires me to create
Flaws are acceptable
There is no perfect soulmate
As long as we have chemistry
And as long as we relate
But what about age?
That’s a difficult one
How about under 50
But no younger than 21?
I know it’s a bummer
Restrictions are no fun
I might make an exception
For an extraordinary someone
And what about size?
How important is that?
She can’t be too thin
And she can’t be too fat
I don’t care if she’s busty
Or extremely flat
As long as there’s a mutual attraction
I’m down with that
Hair colour doesn’t matter
Her eyes can be any hue
As long as she radiates warmth
When she comes into view
I need someone calm
When things go askew
To shatter my stubbornness
When I need to pull through
If she looks good in glasses
That would be a definite plus
I want her to be comfortable
When it’s just the two of us
If she doesn’t drive a car
I won’t cause a fuss
We can always get around
by holding hands on the bus
No smokers allowed
No druggies need apply
I want someone stable
On which I can rely
There has to be trust
When we look each other in the eye
It’s an added bonus
If her beauty makes me sigh
She can be tall or short
In shape or not
As long as she gives me
More than a passing thought
If she hides in the crowd
Will she be easy to spot?
Or will my search for another chance
Be all for naught?
I’m tired of the unavailable
Fed up with the confused
Disappointed with the setbacks 
My heart breaks for the abused
How to break the stalemate
How to avoid feeling used
Like The Queen Of England
I am not amused
It’s too easy to get discouraged
You want to scream and shout
But it’s never a good idea
To count yourself out
Gotta get back up
Strangle all that doubt
A history of resilience
Is what I’m all about
Feeling stranded in the wilderness
Looking to break free
Will my slump come to an end?
It’s a possibility
She has to be out there
But it’s hard to see
Surely there is someone
just right for me
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
12:22 a.m. 
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