WordPress: The Future Home Of The Writings Of Dennis Earl

Since February 19, 2006, The Writings Of Dennis Earl has found a home on Windows Live Spaces.  For the most part, it’s been a happy partnership.  I’ve had complete creative freedom from the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed the process of further developing as a burgeoning writer in a public forum.  The feedback I’ve received over the years has been mostly constructive and complimentary, and even the rare negative comments have been welcome, as well.  They keep me humble and help me to make necessary corrections.
However, change is afoot.  A couple of nights ago, I signed in here and discovered a surprising message from Microsoft (if you have your own Windows Live Space and have checked in recently, you know what I’m talking about).  By the middle of March next year, Windows Live Spaces will cease to exist.  That’s the bad news.
Here’s the good news.  Space owners will have until that time (March 16, 2011) to make an important decision about the future of their sites.  They can do nothing and let Microsoft delete all the contents of their address by mid-March or they can sign up with WordPress, a free blogging site that will preserve most of their Windows Live content (more on that in a moment).
Since I wouldn’t dream of deleting my space (especially after four and a half years of writing nearly 500 blog entries), I’ll be making the move to WordPress very soon.  Here’s some more good news.  Every piece I’ve posted in my blog will still be accessible on the new site.  Ditto every comment.  Unfortunately, all my lists, the guestbook, not to mention the theme and background of this site, will not make the trip.  Spacers, if you have drafted entries not yet completed for your own site as well as gadgets, they too will not be seen on WordPress. 
I’ll establish a new look and figure out what else can be done to fill out the space on the new site.  In the meantime, I want to thank you, the readers, for stopping by and checking out The Writings Of Dennis Earl over the years.  This will be my final posting on Windows Live Spaces (unless, of course, something last-minute deserves to be added here but that’s doubtful) so I want to express my deep appreciation to you for visiting this space and having a look at the stuff I’ve been posting.  I’m hoping that the move to WordPress will inspire more productivity, more readers, more comments and the possibility of earning a decent living doing something I love.  (If I could get back to broadcasting again as well, that would be even better.  I always wanted to be a Double Threat.)
In the meantime, you can follow my blog through NetworkedBlogs by clicking here.  (It’s totally free.)  When I’ve made the transition to WordPress, I’ll post an announcement on my NetworkedBlogs page and followers will be the first to know about the new location.  As I understand it, if you visit my Windows Live Space (after I make the move to WordPress) it will simply redirect you to the new site so everybody else will be able to find it easily.
Thanks again for visiting.  See you at the new place very soon.
Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, October 8, 2010
8:06 p.m.
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