What Bugged Me In 2010

A couple of months ago I went through the tedious but necessary process of cleaning up nearly 500 pieces on my new WordPress site.  At some point, I came across an item called What Bugged Me In 2006, which I had long forgotten about. 

That year was my first on Windows Live Spaces, the original home of The Writings Of Dennis Earl, and by the end of it, I wanted to generate a lot of year-in-review material, which is why I wrote it, among many other similiarly themed pieces like the annual Winners & Losers series. 

Looking back, I was supremely annoyed with a remarkable amount of people and things in 2006.  Unfortunately, in subsequent years, I never did do another What Bugged Me list which, in retrospect, was probably a big mistake.  (There’s never a shortage of material.)

At any event, for the first time in four years, it’s time to revive this long dormant idea.  2010 was a particularly strong year for personal irritation (although I was much angrier about stuff four years ago) and without further ado, here’s what bugged me over the last 12 months:

1. Greg Weston and Eric Margolis were fired from Sun Media.

2. Christine O’Donnell.

3. Sarah and Bristol Palin.

4. President Barack Obama’s unkept promises and watered down legislative victories.  He’s definitely no liberal.  Glenn Greenwald was right.

5. The continuing lack of respect and coverage for the underrated One Tree Hill.

6. The overexposed Kardashian family.

7. Lady Gaga’s increasingly ridiculous outfits.  We get it.  You’re wacky and you want attention for it.  Stick with the music.  That’s what you’re really good at.

8. England didn’t win The World Cup. 

9. The Edmonton Oilers didn’t make the playoffs for the fourth consecutive year.  No wonder I’m losing interest in hockey.

10. That obnoxious, selfish husband on Sister Wives.

11. Kate Gosselin.

12. Ezra Levant got rehired by Sun Media.  Hope they have their lawyers on retainer.

13. Charlie Sheen’s horrible treatment of women.

14. Supergrass broke up.

15. My computer speakers are on the verge of death.  Sometimes they work (but I can’t turn them off or adjust the volume), but mostly there’s no sound.  Thanks a lot, Mel Gibson. 

16. Mel Gibson’s disturbed arguments with his ex.

17. Laura Schlessinger got hired by Sirius XM.  Oh, and the horrible way she treated that black caller who simply wanted advice on how to handle rude comments from her white husband’s pals.

18. The Republicans won back The House Of Representatives.

19. Leslie Neilsen died.

20. Roger Ebert still can’t talk.

21. Glenn Beck repeatedly smeared George Soros and the Hungarian billionaire didn’t sue him.

22. The Duggar Family.  No more kids, assholes.

23. The Tea Party and its misguided protests.

24. The hypocritical war against WikiLeaks.  There wouldn’t be a need for that site if “Washington journalism” wasn’t such an oxymoron.

25. The increasingly unhinged Republican Noise Machine. 

26. Gay bashers.

27. Muslim bashers.

28. The never ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

29. The Republican Party’s cold-hearted obstructionism.  Are you really that beholden to millionaires, billionaires, big business and big polluters?

30. Sesame Street’s lame treatment of Katy Perry.  So she’s got a big rack.  Live with it.  Russell Brand does.

31. The drug war continues unabated despite its tragic lack of success.

32. The increasingly irritating Daily Howler website which I used to admire.  (No one defended Al Gore more successfully than Bob Somerby, his old Harvard roommate.) Criticizing a movie you haven’t actually seen, raising objections about Howard Stern without specifying a single reason why you hate him, the constant overuse of the word “rubes”, the consistently unfunny and tired “cranky old man” routine, defending Glenn Beck, the ongoing refusal to admit poor judgment regarding comments made over the Valerie Plame debacle.  You think you’re helping?  You’re not.  You’re just adding to the growing mind pollution of politics.  Retire already.

33. Matt Striker.  When he’s not being a transparent asskiss on WWE home video releases, he’s a deeply annoying colour commentator on WWE TV.  Go back to teaching.

34. The constant silencing and blurring of the letter “F” whenever “WWF” is uttered and seen on WWE TV shows and their DVD releases.  World Wildlife Fund, lighten up and drop this ridiculous legal requirement already.  It’s so stupid.

35. Julian Fantino got elected.  Falsely believing that legalizing marijuana is the equivalent of legalizing murder, as the former Toronto police chief once espoused in The Toronto Sun years ago, is one very good reason to bemoan the current state of conservatism in Canada.

36. Jay Leno got The Tonight Show back.

37. Those needlessly intrusive patdowns and body scanning devices in American airports.  They don’t work and they’re an enormous invasion of privacy. 

38. Mark Dailey, the voice of CITY-TV, died.

39. Shirley Sherrod lost her job in the Agriculture Department in the American Federal Government after that slimy liar Andrew Breitbart misrepresented a portion of a speech she delivered to the NAACP. 

40. ACORN filed for bankruptcy after it was similiarly smeared by deeply suspicious videos put together by Lee Harvey Oswald look-a-like James O’Keefe.

41. The BP oil spill.

42. Clicking “YES” on about 50 attractive local women on the Are You Interested? Facebook application and receiving none in return.  Maybe if I was Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson, they’d be more receptive.

43. Having quite a few potential “bingos” on both Facebook Scrabble and Lexulous but not being able to find a place for them on the board during certain games.

44. Elizabeth Edwards died.

45. The eternally ungrateful Eric The Midget.

46. The New York Times announced it was bringing back that dreaded pay wall sometime next year.

47. Rob Ford was elected mayor of Toronto.

48. Jenny McCarthy.

49. Tiger Woods.

50. Jesse James.

51. This website had its own Amazon Book List for four years and not one title was sold.  No wonder I cancelled it.

52. Justin Bieber’s hair.  The gay Twiggy look isn’t happening, dude.

53. Junk Email.  And here I thought I was huge in Burkina Faso.

54. That insufferable phrase, “The Lamestream Media”.  What does that even mean?

55. That creepy nerd from the Burger King ad who dates himself in drag.  Every time he talks, I get douche chills.

56. Those who still don’t believe global warming is real and smear those who do.  Do you not care about the health of this planet?

57. Jason Davis’ appalling treatment of Janice Dickinson in the first two episodes of Celebrity Rehab 4.

58. “Dinghy” Dale and Scott the jerky, indifferent drunk driver from Canada’s Worst Driver 6. 

59. All the cigarette smoking on Celebrity Rehab.  Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of staying sober?

60. All the awful films I screened this year which included I Love You Beth Cooper, The Final Destination, Sorority Row, The Men Who Stare At Goats and D3: The Mighty Ducks.

61. Being dropped from the TV Feeds My Family blogroll.

62. Viewer Discretion TV advisory messages.  I’m a big boy.  I can handle coarse language and adult situations so stop treating me like a baby, especially during WWE Vintage Collection.

63. The fact that it took 40 years for Florida to pardon the late Jim Morrison over a bogus charge of indecent exposure stemming from a famous gig in Miami.  He should’ve never been arrested in the first place. 

64. America’s Got Talent. 

65. The almost total disinterest in play-by-play announcing on Raw and Smackdown.  Pinfall attempts and occasional moves aside, the announcers are more interested in talking about something else.

66. The constant surveillance of American citizens and the lack of collective outrage over it.

67. Pundits who preach “centrism” in politics.  A meaningless term for a meaningless philosophy.  We need liberals who aren’t afraid of their convictions.

68. My sexless, dateless, jobless existence.

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, December 26, 2010
10:05 p.m.

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  1. 68. My sexless, dateless, jobless existence.

    No great wonder.

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