Elaine Loring’s Public Battle With Breast Cancer

It was March 28th when I got the news.  My friend of four years is battling breast cancer.  She got the official diagnosis almost three weeks earlier, a dreaded revelation if ever there was one.  It was a hard message to read.

It was April 23rd, 2007, when I first heard from her.  She sent me a very nice email complimenting my website.  She also had a request.  Did I know Bill Brioux’s new email address?  The one she had was defunct.  (She found my site through a Google search and The Toronto Sun Family Blog which had kindly noted some of my pieces.)

Little did I know at the time, they’re old friends.  I passed her request on to The Canadian Press TV Critic and he gave her what she was looking for.  I wrote her a reply thanking her and much to my surprise, she wrote me back.  We’ve been exchanging messages here and there ever since.  Thoroughness is a common trait we share.

All this time I’ve learned what many others have known for a long time:   Elaine Loring is one cool lady.  Lovely, smart, funny, sweet, gracious, compassionate and endlessly energetic.  To have her in your corner means you matter. 

Now it’s time to return the favour.  Shellshocked by her surprising diagnosis, Elaine had been going back and forth on the idea of putting together a blog that would publicly document her battle with her disease, warts and all.  She asked friends and family what they thought.  Most, like myself, felt it was a great idea. 

When she turned to old pal Bruce Kirschbaum for advice, however, he convinced her once and for all to go for it.   The Emmy-winning writer noted that while her struggle with cancer would be the initial focus, her site “could be a platform to go into very wide-ranging terrain”.  Personally, I can’t get enough of her stories about being a Global TV reporter and would love to read more of that stuff.  Anything involving her late colleague Bob MacAdorey would be gold, too.  (Check out this 1996 interview she conducted with her longtime celebrity crush, Bobby Sherman, here.)

After only privately informing family and a few friends of her condition, Elaine finally went public on her Facebook page yesterday.  Lain’s Log, inspired by James T. Kirk’s Captain’s Log (she’s a longtime Shatner fan but curiously isn’t a Trekker), covers the entire history thus far of her cancer from that fateful February morning when she felt a lump in her right breast to all the testing for it through the shocking diagnosis and the overwhelming emotions of fear, anger and sadness resulting from this life-changing experience.

Others going through the same medical crisis will find much to relate to here like the torturous waiting of results, the second guessing of lifestyle choices possibly contributing to her condition, the sense of uncertainty and anguish as well as the ground swell of support from friends and family.  And even for those of us who don’t know what it’s like to feel so mortal in situations like this, the journal-style entries give you a strong sense of being in the room with Elaine as she deals with doctors and nurses and receptionists, all the while trying to make sense of an unfair dilemma.

Although this is very personal stuff, Elaine is very much in reportorial mode here as she describes in vivid detail the process of combating this horrible disease.  Her story on her MRI is particularly fascinating.

To fully appreciate Lain’s Log, you need go right to the beginning.  Click on the February 2011 archives, scroll down and work your way up.  The background on her cancer journey is equally important to the journey itself.

And if that’s not enough to keep you interested, the former Sunshine Girl has posted some awesome bikini shots, as well.  “Hey now!” as Hank Kingsley would say.

With the results of her MRI pending, all of her supporters will be eager to know what’s next for her recovery.  Based on what she’s written so far, she’s in great hands and because detection came early, her prospects for remission are hopefully very strong. 

In the meantime, check out Lain’s Log and offer her some support. 

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
3:27 a.m.

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  1. […] the news of her illness, to show my support for her recovery and new online venture, I wrote Elaine Loring’s Public Battle With Breast Cancer.  The next day, she wrote me a lovely email thanking me for the piece which her husband had […]

  2. Hi Elaine. This is one of your classmates from the Communications Course at Seneca College. It’s Blair Moffatt. I decided to look you up on Facebook and low and behold there you were. I then began to read your story about your current and past encounters. I have full faith in your quest for a full recovery and a lasting one at that. Do you still talk to Dave Agar and Ted Wolishyn. Did you happen to hear that Vern Gunkel passed away a couple of yrs ago. I was very surprised to hear that. I am still working away. Still grinding the axe. Well, you take real good care Elaine and keep the shiny side up ok. Chow for now.

  3. So sad to hear about Vern Gunkel’s passing. I just decided to look him up and found this notice. I was in the Communications Course in 1973. He was a lovely person… dear Uncle Gunkel…

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