The Slump

It’s been nearly six years
Since I last took part
Decades of waiting
For an important start
Feeling relief
When it all began
An afternoon of pleasure
Helped me understand

The journey to that moment
Was long and elusive
It was always easier
To remain so reclusive
But she melted the ice
That was spreading inside
And replaced it with a passion
Too contagious to hide

Our time was too brief
I had so much more to learn
But our agendas were different
And we can’t return
Since that wonderful time
Others have appeared
But no real intimacy was shared
Just as I feared

I cling to those days
So I won’t lose touch
But the flood of memories
Have become a crutch
Resigned to the state
I find myself in
Flustered by the shattering
Of my confidence within

It doesn’t help matters
That I’m so damn shy
And firmly believe
I’ll always be that guy
Who passes the time
While remaining the same
Encased in cement
My stubbornness a crippling shame

Why is it so hard
To find that connection?
An inspiring spirit
From a vast selection
Whenever I try
It’s all for naught
A severe lesson
I’m routinely taught

Yet somewhere in there
Is a sliver of hope
A case to be made
That allows me to cope
She can be thin
Or she can be plump
I just want a decent someone
To end the slump

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, May 11, 2011
9:25 p.m.

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