Peace In Your Time

Sixty-seven minutes
Two damaged lives
One flowing with hatred
The other survives
Unmistakable loathing
Coated in rage
One has moved on
The other can’t turn the page

Years have passed
But the fear remains
One act of torture
Has taken the reigns
But the grip is loosening
With the development of tools
To combat the relentlessness
Of transparent fools

He can’t be held forever
In his prison cell
And the memories of his actions
She cannot quell
It’s hard to fathom
Such a monstrous act
Committed in front of loved ones
As a matter of fact

He will have to endure
The full absence of her trust
Forever shredded
In a endless pile of dust
Never again
Will they live as one
Permanently separate
Irredeemably broken

As she restores the essence
Of her violated spirit
Spare her your plea
She doesn’t want to hear it
You ruined everything
With one poor decision
The sole cause
Of this angry division

While he boils away
In his cauldron of hate
She refuses to linger
In that traumatic state
His mysogyny did produce
One much needed break
From a lifetime of ambivalence
Brought on by those who take

Despite the future threat
His release will likely bring
She’s long past the notion
Of being his puppet on a string
She’s free to pursue
The totality of her heart’s desires
She’s exhausted but determined
To reignite her internal fires

She is learning how to replenish
The soul she thought she lost
To so many selfish invaders
Whose paths she unfortunately crossed
No more settling down
For less than she deserves
She’s through with vindictive creeps
And unrepentant pervs

Long shackled by the horrors
That derailed her in the past
She now pines for true love
Her leading man has yet to be cast
My hope for her is this
That despite the invasiveness of his crime
You will be stronger than ever
And find peace in your time

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, May 29, 2011
2:26 p.m.

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  1. Beautiful –

  2. Excellent poem! I love your word choices. Well done, Dennis!

  3. […] is autobiographical to some extent, it was nice to write from other points of view on occasion.  Peace In Your Time was directly inspired by Eva Marie Woywod, an American small town reporter who was viciously […]

  4. […] title that finally found a purpose like Married To Fear) was a follow-up poem to last year’s Peace In Your Time as well as a response to this, and Despicable Cheat captures the essence of the real-life break-up […]

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