Volcano Of Insecurity

It erupts
Shaking the stability of this place
It corrupts
Taking its toll on my face
It disrupts
The fluid nature of my thoughts
It interrupts
The flow of fantastical plots

It sucks
Out the pleasure of my days
It mucks
About in such infuriating ways
It tucks
Itself in places that are hard to reach
It fucks
With my identity like an insatiable leech

It times
Its attack with the peak of my joy
It slimes
Its way through me knowing how best to annoy
It climbs
To the top of my most vulnerable point
It chimes
Through loudly never ceasing to disappoint

It shows
Me that perfection is an impossible goal
It snows
Me into thinking I have no soul
It flows
Through my conscience like a slithering beast
It grows
On the promise of no release

It depletes
The energy on which I depend 
It deletes
The courage to confide in a friend
It reheats
The anger that refuses to disappear
It defeats
The purpose of living without fear

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, May 29, 2011
10:12 p.m.

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