Questions For President Obama

Why are you against gay marriage?

Why are American forces still in Afghanistan after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden?

Why won’t you seek Congressional approval for the war in Libya?  Why won’t you even call this latest invasion “a war”?

During your first Presidential campaign you vowed to be the most open and transparent leader in the history of America.  Yet, since taking office, you’ve been relentless in your prosecution of whistleblowers (who you publicly supported during the campaign when they exposed President Bush’s illegal activities) who have revealed your Administration’s malfeasance.  A recent report noted you’ve been more ruthless than President Nixon in this regard.  You’ve also been anything but completely candid about the actions of your federal government.  You even accepted a transparency award in secret.  What do you have to hide, Mr. President?

Why were you not interested in arresting Osama Bin Laden and having him tried in the American court system or The Hague in Europe?  Were you afraid you wouldn’t get a conviction?

Why can’t Palestine have a sovereign military?  Why does America continue to support Israel when its governments don’t always treat Palestinians with the greatest of respect, hence the endless occupation?  Shouldn’t you stop supporting them financially when this happens?

Why was Bradley Manning tortured while in American custody?  Aren’t you opposed to torture?

How could you accept your Nobel Peace Prize while simultaneously overseeing questionable military campaigns in the Middle East?

Why won’t you overhaul the defense budget?  Don’t you think all that taxpayer money can be better spent in other areas like education, the environment and health care?

Why do you continue to hire corporate fat cats for important cabinet jobs?

Why does America continue to support Middle Eastern dictators who are loathed by their oppressed populations?  Do we really need their natural resources that badly?

Why are you going after online poker and adult entertainment sites?  Are they really threats to America’s national security?

Why did you want New York Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign over his embarrassing Twitter activities?  Unlike you, Mr. President, he hasn’t done anything illegal.  Why won’t you resign over your unlawful actions?

Why do you laugh off, make fun of and routinely dismiss your liberal supporters who legitimately complain about your actions and unkept promises since taking office?  Is it because deep down you know they’ll still vote for you over a Republican and that there’s no real pressure on you to actually be liberal?

Why are we fighting in Yemen?

Why are you afraid of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?  Do you really think you have a case against them?  Are they not practicing the kind of journalism we rarely see out of Washington these days?

Despite campaigning to the contrary, why do you continue to support policies that erode the civil liberties of American citizens?

Why did you talk about a public option for your health care bill when you were never really serious about it in the first place, hence its inevitable exclusion?

During your campaign for President, you promised to shut down Quantanamo Bay exactly a year after you took office.  Why hasn’t that happened?  Were you ever serious about that promise?

Why does America have a secret prison in Badra?  Are we still torturing prisoners?

Why are you targetting people for assassination without bothering to present concrete evidence backing your unchallenged assertions and with no serious intention of prosecuting them in either federal or criminal court?  Like Bin Laden, are you afraid you can’t win convictions legitimately?

Why did you back down prosecuting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged 9/11 mastermind, in a New York courtroom?  Is it because he was tortured hundreds of times during interrogations and a court of law would throw out your case if it was presented there?

You campaigned against The Patriot Act during your run for President.  Why do you now support its extension?

Why did you bother publicly criticizing Bush’s policies if you were just going to adopt them as your own when you took office?

Why do you identify as a Democrat when you are often more conservative than Republicans?

Why are you so disinterested in prosecuting Bush Administration officials for their war crimes?  Do you have a Gentlemen’s Agreement in place with the Republicans that would prevent that from happening?

Why did you extend the Bush tax cuts when that’s a considerable amount of lost revenue for the federal government continually struggling with out-of-control debt problems?

Why won’t you raise taxes?  Are you that afraid of being labelled a “tax-and-spend liberal” by Republicans and more conservative Democrats when you know doing so is pretty much the only way to eliminate the deficit?  What is your ultimate debt reduction plan? 

Why have you continued Bush’s hyperaggressive Middle Eastern policy when it does nothing but further contribute to the radicalization of demoralized Muslim populations?  Do you truly believe dropping more bombs on those countries will convince those people to support you?

Why didn’t you openly support the construction of the public Islamic centre in Park 51 if you support the religious freedom of Muslims?  How does the existence of this place hurt anyone including atheists like myself?

Why won’t your Administration prosecute Wall Street for the collapse of the economy three years ago?  Are you afraid of alienating campaign donors for your re-election?

When you campaigned for President you criticized the immunity deal The Bush Administration struck with telecom companies regarding their complicitness in the warrantless wiretapping of American citizens.  You promised to scrap the deal.  When you took office after the election, that never happened.  Why?

As a state senator in Illinois, you publicly opposed The Iraq War.  As a presidential candidate, you promised to pull American forces out of that beleaguered country.  If you were sincere in your opposition to the invasion, Mr. President, now that you’re in the White House, why are American forces still engaged in combat there?

What is your Administration planning to do about pollution, climate change and global warming?

It’s been 40 years since President Nixon began The War On Drugs.  Many addicts, whose only crime was to get hooked on an illegal substance and nothing else, have been incarcerated for long stretches of time.  Trillions of taxpayer dollars have been spent pursuing them, prosecuting them, convicting them, and incarcerating them.  Yet the scourge of addiction continues unabated.  Why are you still pursuing this destructive policy?  As a recovering cocaine addict who never served a day in jail for his addiction, isn’t this a hypocritical public policy?

Why would you run a Presidential campaign on hope when your actions have caused nothing but cynicism?  Where is the change, sir?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, June 17, 2011
6:27 p.m.

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