Classless Gesture

I offer you my hand
You simply walk away
There are no words
What could I say?
You’re leaving me hanging
I feel like a fool
Frozen by your rudeness
You just took me to school

Who knew you’d be offended
By the extension of my arm
I thought you’d be welcoming
But you were rather alarmed
Your rejection was painful
Unexpectedly so
Never thought you perceived me
As lower than low

The look in your eyes
Told a horrific story
I’ve never felt so naked
A timeless allegory
You didn’t make a sound
When you turned to leave
Neither do the others
Who refuse to believe

Conversational clatter
Quickly slices through the shock
As does the ticking
Of a nearby clock
You acted with haste
And a great deal of malice
Is that how you attract friends
By acting so callous?

The apologies come swiftly
From those mortified souls
Who are as surprised as I am
That they invited such assholes
You aren’t the only one
Not delighted to see me
Your sycophantic followers
Were also eager to flee

But the joke’s on you
You’ve been isolated from the pack
You’ve inspired such disgust
Despite your monstrous rack
Your classless gesture
Has killed your elegant mystery
And everyone in attendance
Hopes you’re soon history

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, June 18, 2011
9:19 p.m.

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  1. Wow, strong feelings and well said.

  2. Sad -great write, but still left me with a feeling of sadness

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