Corporate Stooge

A duplicitous Republican in Democratic clothing
His broken promises have inspired great loathing
A master in the art of calculated subterfuge
He’s become nothing more than a loyal corporate stooge
He’s not really afraid of being a shining liberal light
He just never planned to follow through on his campaign might
“Hope” and “change” tested well with the distraught
But permanent cynicism is all he has brought

Six wars, massive debt, the country’s in the shitter
There’s no evidence he will ever be a homerun hitter
For someone so eager to silence the outspoken
There’s far less courage in reforming the broken
He once convinced you he was worthy of your trust
And that believing in what he was saying was an absolute must
But here’s a statement that’s shockingly preverse
Compared to the last guy, he’s ten times worse

He’s against gay marriage and ending the drug war
He panders to the rich while ignoring the poor
He could give a flying fuck what liberals are demanding
He’d rather make an example out of Bradley Manning
Constantly laughing off the complaints of his friends
There’s no burning political desire for him to make amends
With an election coming near the end of next year
He’s far too busy planning a new campaign of fear

Friendly with dictators as long as they play ball
Once they become difficult, divided they fall
Carrying on the traditions of an imperial mob
As millions of the world’s civilians quietly sob
Indifferent to suffering and protecting the needy
His coffers are filled with donations by the greedy
So many extremists are running on the other side
If he scares us well enough, it’ll be another landslide

He backs off of pledges that would make voters proud
Because they don’t meet the approval of the corporate crowd
He alienates his supporters just because he can
The alternative is something none of them can stand
But something has to give as we head into next year
If life was fair he’d be looking for a new career
He’s not a man of peace like The Dalai Lama
As John Lennon would sing, “I don’t believe in Obama”

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, September 4, 2011
12:50 p.m.

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  1. Now that’s some statement. “Eager to silence the outspoken” and “constantly laughing off the complaints” are observant descriptions. However, my favorite line is : “the country’s in the shitter”. You could copyright that line and then license it to the Tea Party as an official campaign slogan. Might as well make some money.

    • Truthfully, I would support the Democrats if they actually acted like Democrats. But time and time again, much like the Republicans, Wall Street and Corporate America are their real constituents, not the public at large. The Tea Party are just a transparent extension of the GOP and I want nothing to do with them. But I understand what you mean. I definitely need to make money but I would rather do so in a more honourable way. Thanks for the comment.

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