Why Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Should Admit He Completely Overreacted

This past Monday morning, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was in his driveway.  At about 8 a.m. he was all set to get in his car and drive to City Hall to start his work day when comedian Mary Walsh and a camera crew suddenly approached him.  Dressed as Marg Delahunty: Warrior Princess, the bespectacled character she’s played for many years on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, the long running CBC show she created after her five-year stint on CODCO, Walsh introduced herself in character:

“Mayor Ford! It’s me, Marg Delahunty. You know I gave up all the princess warrior stuff …”

The smiling, amused man politely rebuffed her:

“Can I go to my car please?”

Walsh replied: “Mayor Ford, I came to give you a hand, honey.”.

After repeating his earlier request, he bailed on the idea of getting into his car and decided to disappear inside his home instead.  

Normally, that would be the end of this story.  But over the years, the citizens of The Big Smoke have learned firsthand that there’s more than meets the eye with stories about the appropriately red-faced Rob Ford, the former longtime City Counsellor who was recently elected Mayor.

As numerous media outlets have since reported, the paranoid Ford went into his house to call 911.  Yes, 911.  Apparently, doing an impromptu comedy bit outside a politician’s home is cause for outright panic.

According to the invaluable CBC, the Toronto Mayor actually called the number twice.  When police didn’t drop everything on their plate to protect him from a 60-year-old Newfie comedian, he redialed the number and reportedly insulted the female dispatchers by calling them “bitches”.  He also angrily introduced himself as “Rob fucking Ford, the mayor of this city!”.

Consequently, as you can imagine, it’s not been a great week for this notorious hothead.  His pathetic attempts at damage control involve repeating talking points to reporters (after initially ignoring them) from this hard-to-swallow public statement he released and not demanding an apology from the CBC (although the big lug would appreciate a volunteered one none-the-less). 

Claiming he felt threatened (by a famous, middle-aged comedian who was nothing but friendly), it was dark (it wasn’t) and his young daughter was freaked out by the visitors (she reportedly doesn’t appear in the actual footage but this Toronto Sun report claims she was screaming indoors), he’s been on the defensive ever since the story broke. 

While his longtime fan club, The Toronto Sun, have predictably defended him, with more embarrassing details coming out every day, the number of his supporters will likely decrease significantly.  Honestly, calling local emergency services because you’re afraid of a woman in a silly costume?  How wimpy can you get?

Ford has only owned up to saying “fuck” (after originally denying ever cursing on the phone) which predictably inspired a lame, insincere “If I offended someone, I apologize” soundbite.  He’s denied everything else.  Regardless, no matter what reports you read, he doesn’t come across as a reasonable person.  He sounds like an out-of-control maniac ruled by a horrible temper.

The easily obtainable 22 Minutes footage (which has also been re-airing on CBC News Network) clearly disproves Ford’s bogus account of the incident.  But without the full release of the now infamous 911 calls, it’s another annoying case of he-said she-said regarding that integral part of the tale.  All the embattled Mayor has to do is ask for the release of the tapes and we’ll have the complete story.  I’m sure he’s in a real hurry to make that happen, too.

With Ford already caught in several lies, the way to end his dilemma is actually quite simple.  Come clean already.  Admit you completely overreacted to the 22 Minutes crew, you wasted the valuable time of emergency and law enforcement personnel with your irrational, narcissistic nonsense and agree to accept any possible punishment coming your way.  (Probably no jail time but possibly a fine for misusing 911.)  And for God’s sakes, apologize to the dispatchers for treating them so boorishly.  If the tapes confirm the CBC’s account, he should apologize to them, too, for claiming their stories have been “inaccurate”.

If he doesn’t put out this fire soon, it will continue to rage.  And when a political scandal like this refuses to go away quietly, that can only mean one thing for a damaged political leader.


Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, October 28, 2011
12:35 a.m.

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