Your violence speaks loudest
In the eyes of the dead
Nobel Peace Prize winner?
The whole world shakes its head
Is it the system or the man?
What’s the root of this decay?
Who is truly responsible
For this heartwrenching display?

We know you can’t keep a promise
It’s against your constitution
Can this growing movement
Really improve this corrupt institution?
Or maybe it should be replaced
With a system more humane
Anything is preferable
To being ruled by the insane

As the bodies pile up
Your back remains turned
Nothing to see here, folks
No hard lessons to be learned
So the madness continues
And the suffering drags on
If real justice existed
You’d already be gone

Turfed from your ivory perch
Disgraced from here on out
Instead you live in denial
While the millions begin to shout
Like the innocents abroad
Oppression rules this land
The anger is rising, though
We’re finally taking a stand

The elites condemn our actions
But we will not stop
The media demean our intentions
But we will not drop
The rich laugh in our faces
But we will not flinch
The law invades our public places
But we won’t move an inch

No amount of pressure
Can successfully push us back
The bubble has finally burst
Get used to the flack
Mass silence didn’t work
Neither did following the rules
What’s the point of working hard
And graduating from good schools?

They’ve rigged the playing field
You didn’t plant the seed
But you’ve done absolutely nothing
To stop their tidal wave of greed
This is the time for doubt
With no time for grieving
This is the time to commit
We wouldn’t think of leaving

The seasons are changing
And the days will grow colder
But our resilience will remain firm
You’ll still look over your shoulder
We want to see improvements
After decades of rot
No more handouts for the wealthy
No more civilians getting shot

We are raw potential
We are seething energy
We are banding against
Your growing synergy
With the ridiculously rich
And the crooks you’ve protected
It’s continuously unfair
As we’ve long suspected

We’re counting down the days
Until you come to your senses
We’re all patiently waiting
For you to drop your pretenses
The empire is crumbling
Our reputation has gone sour
It’s only a matter of time
Before we take back the power

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Saturday, November 26, 2011
1:36 a.m.

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