“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
A shower of endorphins
Is a welcome infestation
An internal disturbance
That’s long overdue
A change of attitude
That will help pull you through

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
Excessive negative thinking
Leads to needless devastation
The power of your mind
Prevents you from growing
Inconsistent focus
Stop the ideas from flowing

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
It can always be achieved
Through intense concentration
Think of something pleasant
A long, buried desire
In just a few minutes
You’ve reignited the fire

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
Agony and hatred
Are not the end of civilization
They’re temporary stops
On the emotional terrain
Work through them all
And you’ll conquer the pain

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
Make peace with your past
Embrace reconciliation
Accept the mistakes
And reflect on their cause
If you’re tempted to repeat them
Remember to pause

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
A cheerful state of mind
Not eternal damnation
It’s nothing to be feared
Although it can be fleeting
It’s also elusive
So schedule it for a meeting

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
If action is joy
The opposite is procrastination
Just doing something
Can alter your tone
The alternative is becoming
A bitter old crone

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
A beautiful essence
Like sweeping orchestration
A place to hang your hat
After a long day’s journey
An acceptable settlement
Thanks to your hardworking attorney

“Happiness is a mood,
Not a destination”
A heartfelt embrace
A tingling sensation
It might last a second
Or go on for several years
But locating its presence
Is worth conquering your fears

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, December 1, 2011
4:26 p.m.

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  1. […] Happiness was another poem inspired by the show.  I’ve been getting caught up with season eight on MuchMusic lately and was struck by one of Austin Nichols’ lines from an episode that year (“Happiness is a mood, not a destination”).  So I stole it and worked from there. […]

  2. […] once wrote this about all the women in the cast, including Ms. Bush.  (That’s not the only OTH-inspired poem I’ve written.)  I mean who else would get pissed at MuchMusic for not airing the rest of those Season Eight […]

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