I can finally admit it
I’m powerless over you
Leaving you far behind
Has been the hardest thing to do
My desires have been misplaced
All aimed in the wrong direction
Fed up with being a slave
It’s time for an insurrection

You taught me so many lessons
Despite constant dissatisfaction
Real life fulfillment
Was sacrificed for limp inaction
The bad outweighed the good
And I can’t deny it anymore
Waiting for a positive outcome
Became an unrelenting bore

I thought it would be easier
To embrace your seductive con
But so much time was wasted
Fourteen years off and on
You had all the control
And I was reduced to pleading
The only excitement I felt
Turned out to be fleeting

Big pay-offs were few
And very far between
I think it would be best
If we just wipe the slate clean
Agree to forget
And walk away intact
Never to revisit
Swear on a pact

Conclude this charade
Based on transparent lies
Break this annoying pattern
And say our final good-byes
Stop pretending this is fun
And endlessly entertaining
Set course for a better path
For the good years you have remaining

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, December 8, 2011
3:17 a.m.

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