In Here, Out There

In here, anything is possible
Out there, there are too many restrictions
In here, all lines are crossable
Out there, fear destroys your convictions

In here, you display aggressive behaviour
Out there, you’re always lost in the mist
In here, you’re looking for a saviour
Out there, it’s like you don’t exist

In here, you can handle being rejected
Out there, they shatter your self-esteem
In here, you can’t be detected
Out there, you can only dream

In here, it moves way too fast
Out there, it never gets started
In here, the roles are well cast
Out there, there’s so much that’s uncharted

In here, I’m not treated like a goof
Out there, I have no real purpose
In here, I’m always lacking proof
Out there, what’s behind the surface?

In here, I can attract all kinds
Out there, I can’t read the room
In here, you’ll encounter dirty minds
Out there, it’s dangerous to assume

In here, they’re safely far away
Out there, they’re never close enough
In here, you always know what to say
Out there, it’s unbelievably tough

In here, you make bad choices
Out there, you always keep to yourself
In here, too many seductive voices
Out there, you’re paranoid about your health

In here, time stands still
Out there, it constantly slips away
In here, you’ll get your fill
Out there, shyness doesn’t pay

In here, reality is often blurred
Out there, the situation is depressing
In here, my inner voice is slurred
Out there, who am I really impressing?

In here, hidden urges are released
Out there, they’re kept under wraps
In here, anxiety is increased
Out there, it’s a game of craps

In here, it’s a waste of time
Out there, you’re just not sure
In here, it’s rarely sublime
Out there, you’re looking for the cure

In here, it’s a mixed blessing
Out there, there’s little room for hope
In here, there’s always undressing
Out there, it’s difficult to cope

In here, you’ll meet the alone
Out there, they’re never around
In here, they frequently moan
Out there, they make no sound

In here, it’s a fruitless mission
Out there, it’s hard to be brave
In here, you have no vision
Out there, the elusive freedom you crave

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friday, December 9, 2011
12:16 a.m.

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