What Happened To America?

What happened to America?
Once the land of the free
Now the creeping stench of fascism
Has exposed its hypocrisy
The mass media and the government
Co-conspirators deeply embedded
Human rights don’t matter anymore
The constitution’s shredded

What happened to America?
Once the home of the brave
Now it hides its real agenda
To make the world its obedient slave
With violence and paranoia
It rules with an iron fist
The innocent can only take so much
Before becoming extremely pissed

What happened to America?
Formerly the land of milk and honey
It’s been raped by politicians
And corrupted by Big Money
The middle class continually squeezed
The poor left out in the cold
By inhumane public policies
That treat them like mold

What happened to America?
Once the land of opportunity
There’s too much bipartisanship
Masquerading as incongruity
The parties agree too much
On breaking the law
They don’t bother to make their case
Their “evidence” made of straw

What happened to America
And its legendary dream?
Its hopes for progress
Once supplied in a steady stream
Now abandoned for the few
Who selfishly want it all
Haven’t they forgotten
That pride comes before the fall?

What happened to America
And its world famous creed?
“Of the people, for the people”
We once all agreed
Now the system is rigged
For those with the cash
While those less fortunate
Lose their homes in a flash

What happened to America
And its reputation worldwide?
We were promised transparency
How quickly that died
Propping up regimes
That loath freedom of choice
Thanks to Wikileaks
The oppressed now have a voice

What happened to America?
Will it ever come back?
Why does the current President
Cut the last one so much slack?
He vigourously campaigned against him
Vowing to be more lawful
But he refused to seek justice
He’s even more awful

What happened to America?
Will it ever be restored?
Will its laws be respected again
Or will they continue to be ignored?
Can it truly make peace
With a humiliated yet proud people
Or will it continue to prey
Upon the defiant and the feeble?

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, January 22, 2012
7:21 p.m.

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  1. I believe that America has always had a sort of “fascist” attiitude. Remember the Mexican War and “manifest destiny”? Slavery?

    • Yes, the country has long had a checkered history. Those two examples you cited illustrate that point nicely. But the situation seems much worse now with the introduction of drones, assassination without presented evidence, torture, the ongoing drug war, endless colonial wars, the continuing support of questionable regimes, the ever-expanding police and surveillence states and the constant secrecy, among many more bad public policies. I don’t know what it will take to set things right. But I hope for real positive change real soon.

  2. […] Murderer-In-Chief, You’re Not As Smart As You Think You Are, What If They Were White?, What Happened To America? and Questions For President Obama, all of which apprently escaped her attention.  90 Reasons Not […]

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