The 1% President

Speaking the language of the common man
While overseeing the destruction of Afghanistan
Laughing off the competition knowing full well
That cowardly liberals are still under his spell

He talks a good game, he always has
When you lack substance you have to jack up the pizzazz
What else can he do to appease those disappointed faces
Other than assassinate “terrorists” in Middle Eastern places

He’s mainstreamed hatred for a single group
While allowing his minions to illegally snoop
But because the victims of war are mostly brown
The lack of outrage makes the loudest sound

The silence drowns out the millions crying in pain
So much wasted energy that’s all in vain
They’re still isolated in cages like beaten rats
A policy endorsed by Republicans and Democrats

He misleads the hopeful, especially the young
Selling them the equivalent of a pile of dung
Behind the fake smile is a ruthless John Gotti
There isn’t a liberal bone in his paranoid body

He forgot about openness as he hides behind walls
Thankfully the leakers have got him right by the balls
They must not be allowed to hold him to account
Or their years in prison will be the highest amount

He fears all the exposure will tarnish his brand
Unlike the atrocities he condones in the Persian sand
So he targets the weak and the defiantly outspoken
Threatening their freedom by making their lives utterly broken

He offers tough talk about taxing the rich
And prosecuting Wall Street for their bait and switch
But after three years in office he hasn’t followed through
That’s just his way of telling the law, “Fuck you!”

All the while pretending that he’s just one of us
Foolishly believing that we just got off the bus
But our memories are long and our patience spent
One day he might admit he’s The 1% President

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
11:26 p.m.

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