Shower Of Hatred

In my mind you’re already dead
In my mind you’ve already been killed
My quota for imaginative revenge
Has long been filled

I don’t need to see you drown
I don’t need to watch you choke
Picturing your broken spirit
Is a much funnier joke

Degradation and humiliation
Tactics you once perfected
Have been adopted by your victim
Something you least expected

Be thankful I let you live
And let you go on with your day
Be relieved I never believed
All the horrible things you used to say

Your cruelty was boundless
Your loathing unrelenting
Not a single jab you uttered
Was ever worth defending

For some unknown reason
I was the chosen one
The target that needed punishing
You were having way too much fun

But bitterness follows you around
Like a cancer of the soul
You’re the very defintion
Of an unrepentant asshole

How interesting it would be
To recast all the parts
And unleash my full fury
Oh, to be a master of the dark arts

To see the look on your face
As I annihilate your very being
You would question your senses
You wouldn’t believe what you were seeing

But to live in the gutter with you
Even just for a second
Would disgust me to my core
Decency would beckon

I would much rather imagine
How awkward it would be
For you to come to grips
With your own depravity

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, February 13, 2012
4:27 p.m.

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  1. […] my Grade 10 math teacher used to say all the time when moving on to a different class lesson), Shower Of Hatred was about a once recurring dark fantasy inspired by a Facebook bully who kept tormenting me in the […]

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