Smooth Transition

I look like hell and sound like shit
Yet there’s still a fire burning in this pit
Like a crumbling statue in the midst of decay
My appalling decline is lost in the fray

A dour figure, a forgotten dream
Kept at bay by the guardians of the mainstream
Too bold, too honest, too dangerously connected
Frequently ostracized and never protected

Fearlessness flowed through these once vital veins
Cultivating an essence for those with working brains
If I have a regret, it was being too aloof
With those who sold me as an outrageous poof

But at least I had an identity worthy of scorn
I was always so proud of leaving audiences torn
Half embraced the soul and the forbidden desire
The rest prayed and pleaded that I give up and retire

Maybe they’re right, just yank me off the stage
I’ve made peace with the events that inspired all my rage
Reliving a glorious past is embracing a pathetic future
Too many festering wounds to conceal with a suture

I look like hell and sound like shit
But bathing in denial, I just can’t quit
I want another chance, as crazy as it sounds
One last offensive towards sacred grounds

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, February 13, 2012
4:39 p.m.

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  1. love it… very nice.

  2. […] dealt with the awful American political scene.  Drowning In Junk imagined the life of a hoarder, Smooth Transition conveys the point of view of a has-been rocker desperate for another shot at fame (the title was […]

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