The Death Of Liberalism

You’ve stopped worrying about having a conscience
You’ve stopped caring about making a difference
You’ve stopped wondering what others will think
It’s all about plotting the next vicious attack

Their innocent deaths are insignificant to you
You’re annihilating an entire culture out of fear
You never recognize their legitimate anger
There is just no turning back

Cloaking the worst of your transgressions
While punishing those determined to expose you
Defiantly acting like you can’t be stopped
You’ve got some fucking nerve

You’re determined to have the last laugh
Your opponents frighten more than inspire
You’re rarely someone who can be trusted
An old-school master of the swerve

Your deplorable tactics have killed an idea
The foundation of a free and just society
And many fully support this downward slide
How incredibly sad

No matter how many civilians you continue to murder
No matter how many laws you continue to break
No matter how many horrors you continue to inflict
Few of your supporters ever get mad

Despite backing the most ruthless despots
Despite bailing out the rich and the greedy
Despite opposing policies of equality and decency
There is no outrage

In spite of constant disrespect
In spite of indifference to legitimate dissent
In spite of arrogance and chronic dishonesty
They still think you’re a sage

What once was vigourously opposed
Has now become warmly embraced
When the other side was doing it
There was nothing but palpable rage

The line has been crossed
The die has been cast
Don’t call yourselves liberals anymore
You’ve already turned the page

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, February 28, 2012
1:24 a.m.

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