Pity The Poor Murderer

Pity the poor man in his stifling uniform
As he’s safely removed from the enveloping storm
Feel your heart breaking as his life hits the skids
So what if he murdered some innocent kids?

Forget about the mothers he exterminated, too
Their lives never mattered to this imperial crew
They’re just obstacles in the way of total domination
What’s with all this widespread global condemnation?

Don’t they get the importance of America’s mission?
It’s to forbid Muslims from making their very own decisions
Their freedom is dangerous and must be stopped
Those who resist can count on being popped

We’re not here to be nice, we’re here to control
And throw all the troublemakers into the blackest hole
Never to be seen or heard from again
Or at the very least, the next five to ten

America has no need to defend its actions
Since it’s being ruled by infallible political factions
We know what’s right so just look away
Pay no attention to the escalating decay

Human rights only matter to those with great powers
Who stay in tune with reality by living in glass towers
They see the big picture while looking from this safe distance
We’ll win ’em over and they’ll give up this silly resistance

It makes no sense that our motives aren’t celebrated
What is it about mass murder that makes us so hated?
Don’t they appreciate how much time we’ve put in
To eliminate their dignity and the rest of their kin?

Is it any wonder why that poor man is sad?
He was just doing his job and now everybody’s mad
Why don’t they leave this poor murderer alone
And accept the fact he didn’t act on his own

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
11:26 p.m.

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