Mass Seduction

She once wore her passion like a blinding sheen
Now I can feel her sadness right through the screen
Desperate to suppress the rage boiling from within
Her instability cloaked by her impossibly perfect skin

She was once full of life and felt so strong
Hot sex on two legs in a golden thong
The centre of attention wherever she went
Seducing the masses her only intent

But it was an empty existence full of regret
Her sole identity in life:  a delicious pet
She felt limited by her tremendous physical appeal
A bubble of euphoria blocking out the real

Once it burst the pain flowed through
And no amount of pleasure would ever do
It all became perfunctory and grossly routine
Unemotional attachment to an empty scene

With the glory days now passed she lives all alone
When she pauses to reflect she can’t help but groan
So many bad decisions in such a short time
Was she the victim of her very own crime?

The internal loathing is at a fever pitch
If only she were an ugly, cantankerous bitch
But despite the resentment aimed at her users
Her sweetness was never sullied by those transparent losers

But the aching overtakes her on even her best days
And she doesn’t have the tools to change her broken ways
So she finds herself stuck in the same old rut
Hemorrhaging ecstasy and nothing but

Try as she may she can’t release the fear
That she will never again have an amazing year
One that can thrust her into a happier place
Where the good ones notice she’s much more than a pretty face

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
4:13 p.m.

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