Married To Fear

She dreads the sound of his key entering the lock
As it slowly turns she looks nervously at the clock
Yet another nightmare is about to unfold
For the accomplished woman with the heart of gold

She’s made every excuse for why she stays
And why she continues to tolerate his despicable ways
So many are willing to release her from hell
But will she finally reach out?  It’s hard to tell

They met at a function so long ago
He charmed her so fast she couldn’t say no
That fateful night he planted the seed
She had no idea how soon he’d make her bleed

While she ascended the ranks of the corporate ladder
His own lack of progress just made him madder
He first shielded his rage with a calmer demeanour
But it wouldn’t be long before he began to demean her

It started with cruel jokes that just weren’t funny
He feels threatened by her success and all her money
He blames her repeatedly for his vindictive attitude
He has long stopped showing her any sense of gratitude

He mocks her sculpted body by calling her fat
Tells her she’s nothing but an overrated bureaucrat
He hammers away at even her smallest flaws
These hurtful diatribes frequently give her pause

The verbal assaults quickly became physical
This escalation of terror has left her feeling quizzical
How did this man reach the devastating conclusion
That dominating her entire life was an ideal solution?

And now she’s trapped in an open jail
A target of hatred by a paranoid male
Once a humanitarian and a volunteer of the year
She now clings to life married to fear

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Thursday, April 12, 2012
11:27 p.m.

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