I have the authority to erase them all
There are no limits to what I can do
Conventions and laws don’t apply to me
Only to those with an opposing view

It must suck for them to have such a stubborn conscience
Raising such a fuss only gets them in trouble
I’ll destroy their lives for as long as they complain
While I bury the defenseless in a pile of rubble

How dare they protest my campaign of terror?
There’s just no room for any dissention here
They should follow the sheep and support the cause
Or get ready to embrace a lifetime of fear

I never need proof of a man’s guilt
I just yell “terrorist” and the charge will stick
Once I wipe him out, the celebration begins
Never mind those losers who call my actions sick

So what if my policies increase the resentment
Of a hostile population that wants to be left alone
Who cares about the men, women and children I’ve killed?
Aren’t they aware of my heart of stone?

It’s their own fault for getting in the way
Of drones and bombs and automatic guns
That surround them on a daily basis
This is how I collect my re-election funds

I’m thankful to the other side for pretending I’m weak
And scared to death of standing up to “tyranny”
When all the evidence proves the opposite
It’s a wonder there hasn’t been a public mutiny

But the lack of outrage is what I want
So the horrors I unleash will continue unabated
Innocent civilians can continue to suffer
While my ignorant fans remain helplessly infatuated

They can laugh uproariously at my inappropriate jokes
Swoon contentedly at my soulful singing
Falsely believe that I’ve brought them change
When the reality is far more stinging

Their collective denial suits my agenda
No matter what I do, they’ll always defend it
The pile of corpses grows ever higher
There’s really no pressure to end it

But you know what’s funny about this whole situation?
You know what my critics find truly perverse?
If the voters wake up in November and toss me out
There’s a good chance the new guy will be even worse

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, April 29, 2012
7:54 p.m.

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