Despicable Cheat

I missed my opportunity
To put you in your place
To throw the unspeakable truth
Right back in your face

If I’d been there from the beginning
I’d have a ringside seat
For all the emotional fallout
You’re a despicable cheat

How could you stray
From such exquisite perfection?
She was completely devoted to you
You made a powerful connection

But the lure of the tramp
Became your ultimate undoing
(Just because she’s easy
Doesn’t mean she’s worth screwing)

When your wife learned
About your horrible misdeed
Her loving turned to loathing
And you began to bleed

The atmosphere turned toxic
The environment so unsafe
All because you stuffed
Your tiny weiner in a waif

What ever were you thinking?
You’ve must’ve been insane
This is what happens
When you’re born without a brain

Fortunately for you
You’ve never been unwanted
You quickly snagged another
No wonder you’re undaunted

Your marriage may have died
But your chutzpah lives on
Maybe your current squeeze
Will soon carry your spawn

Three years after the mistake
You decided to say good-bye
To the best gig you’ll ever have
All your supporters asked, “Why?”

I’m not sure what you were offered
But your reaction was startling
Who knew you would become
The next Jackie Martling

A once shining talent
Who thought he was worth more
But after he walked away
He became an anonymous bore

And just like The Joke Man
You made a brief return
If only you hadn’t left
A lesson too late to learn

Long after the debacle
Your lovely ex moved on
One day she’ll be attracted
To brains over brawn

But until that day arrives
She’ll fly solo and free of strife
While you’ll obsessively ponder
How you fucked up your life

Dennis Earl
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Monday, May 28, 2012
11:23 p.m.

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  1. […] was a follow-up poem to last year’s Peace In Your Time as well as a response to this, and Despicable Cheat captures the essence of the real-life break-up between Bush and ex-husband Chad Michael Murray […]

  2. […] I enjoyed her three-episode stint on the first season of Nip/Tuck, defended her over her failed marriage to actor Chad Michael Murray and praised her solid, consistent work on One Tree Hill (as well as her philanthropy).  Not to […]

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